FTS Winters 17

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JuegAriel 1-21 100%
Can't Even Single Segment
Msushi All Main Categories
Dafatman922, Msushi Any%
crash6351 Any%
Conmangamer22 Any%
Saturday, November 25, 2017
Conmangamer22 Any% - Normal
crash6351 Any%
OverworldYT Any Ending% (Dragonless, No Items)
Capridog Story Mode any%
MyOhMyke Any%
Trent Any%
Smelly_Mctroll All Bosses
MyOhMyke Any%
mutedforeverkitten, Ors Tails Any%
Goodigo Any% NG+
Agrick Sonic & Tails All Emeralds
Crrool Any% NMG (US, Retry mode)
LinkaMeister XGRA Global
JuegAriel Any% emulator
TwoWorlds NG+

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