Marathon Schedule - Find us in the FWA Video Game Room Friday and Saturday!

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ScheduledEstimateCategorySystemRunner(s)Runner PronounsIncentivesHost
Any% PSX iBolt07 he/him Bonus Cheat% Run JDPuppy (he/him)
Any% PC RoadkillRevenge she/her Spyro Color Bidwar JDPuppy (he/him)
Beat World 2 - Any Intensity Switch IndieAlpaca they/them Fursuit% OniShift (he/him)
Expert Genesis keaur OniShift (he/him)
Any% Famicom DS Brossentia he/him OniShift (he/him)
Any% PC SarthTheSnek he/him OniShift (he/him)
All Categories PC Tokeegee he/they Brossentia (he/him)
Qing Yan - Reincarnation 8 - Full Game PC Shockwve he/him Brossentia (he/him)
S-Hard N64 flagalstan he/him Pokemon Bidwar Brossentia (he/him)
Any% Switch Mr_Shasta he/him Ultimate Cup Z Showcase captainkate (she/her)
Mercury Steam% Glitchless Race Switch jay_yeen, ArcanoxDragon they/them , they/them MichaelMacaw (he/they)
Any% GCN Cody7737 he/him BONUS GAME 1 ferric_fox (he/him)
Saturday, May 13, 2023
Any% PC kyrawr83 she/her RhythmBstrd (he/him)
3 Chapters PC Ferric_Fox he/him Name the Characters OtterSparx (he/they)
Any Heat (Modded) - Gilgamesh RTA PC CherryDaddy he/they Pet the Dog OtterSparx (he/they)
All Skills (No OOB/TA) PC WhitePaaws he/him Use Rainbow Dash OtterSparx (he/they)
Any% Warps PC Phlap he/him AluBurstow (he/him)
Any% Pirate Mode (No OOB) PC LaurieDBunnykins she/her AluBurstow (he/him)
Season 5 Tournament Settings PC ParkerthePanda he/they Filename Bidwar IanKeith (he/they)
All Relics (Restricted) PC Radicoon he/him Fox Color Bidwar , Bonus Gun% Run IanKeith (he/they)
Any% Switch Dangers he/him Bonus Nipple% Run sonicmega (he/him)
Any% Glitchless PC MisterChowtime he/him BONUS GAME 2, Cat Model Bidwar sonicmega (he/him)
Sunday, May 14, 2023
THANK YOU FWA% Team Fastest Furs

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