Game On! 8 Schedule

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Start TimeBlock TimeCategoryEstimateRunnersPlatform
Any% 15:00 TSC | Kort PC
NG+ Any% 33:00 TSC | Kort PC
Aqua Level 1 Critical 1:00:00 Christian Tanion PS4
Any% Insane 38:00 Pegasus PC
Any% 1:05:00 Kony42012 Wii
Speedrun Mode 50:00 Bear PC
Any% Nightmare Mode (Casual) 45:00 KillScreenJames Xbox One
Any% Easy 1:00:00 tscbadguy N64
Red Line 51:00 tscbadguy N64
Any% 22:00 Brandon GC
Any% 58:00 PhreakTheMighty PC
Saturday, March 16, 2019
Normal Zipless 40:00 ssjbober NES
Crab Rangoon % 20:00 tscbadguy PS4
Any% Beginner 45:00 John Lee PC
Any%, Easy, NG 2:15:00 Styx189 PC
Any% 1:00:00 G_Dubz19 PC
Any% 16:00 Christian Tanion PC
Story NG+ 26:00 TSC | Kort PC
Any% 40:00 Christian Tanion PC
Any% 1:30:00 TSC | Kort PC
Royal Edition Any% No Ring 4:42:00 TSC Akio PS4
Guest Star Mode Any% 56:00 VegasQuadrant Switch
Any% (Glitchless) 11:30 LucasJiro PC
Cheat% NG+ 1:12:00 Christian Tanion, Cheyenne Tanion, Miranda Mitchell, Matthieu Tanion PS3
Ultimate Armor X Any% 1:04:00 PositronicAlan PS4
Any% 1:03:00 Youngster Joey PC
World Peace 1:37:00 Dapuffster Switch
Any% 20:00 FEZ Wii VC
2:00 Alan Vallee + Others
Any% 2:10:00 Pepen PS2
Any% 21:00 bre4d_ Sega Genesis
Any% 2:00 Theresa | Satan PC
Sunday, March 17, 2019
NG+ Co-op Amateur 1:52:00 Redspade and Styx189 PC
Adventure 58:00 LucasJiro PC
Bow Kid ATP (No DLC) 1:52:00 PhreakTheMighty PC
Any% 45:00 Renge PC
All Events 1:28:00 TSC Akio GC
Any% Beginner 4:45:00 Ben Veling PS4
Sonic's Story 35:00 Supah_Fly (Gabe) PC
RTA Any% 2:15:00 Darksaber PS4

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