GAMESIGA em Frente pelo RS

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Greater Rift MisterGuigs1 Bacaxi15
European Extreme Mayoness
Max - Normal ShimeGabriel
Tails - Beat the Game Matsukari
Any% VaeVictusBR
Any% Bacaxi15
Specter of Torment Any% Ghost Slime Bacaxi15
New Game+/Profissional/Glitched Natsuz2
Leon A Normal im4rcus, itsbrn, not_vinicius1 e alekstation97
True Ending Hiuruki
100% StaticShock_dc xopa0343
Saturday, May 18, 2024
Any% ShimeGabriel
Any% Normal AmeixaJuice Bacaxi15
No SLA Jair40_
Randomizer NoLogic Tso15
Any% Heavy Im4rcus
Any% Mitroid
14 power stars CesarMartins12
Randomizer CesarMartins12
Sunday, May 19, 2024
All Missions Bacaxi15
single player 1p1c Curitiba
Randomizer Gabrieljcampos
Beat the game SauloAndrade_
X 100% AeronMasterQuest, Nejeisu Vandsu
Any% NG+ jdrKaua MiticoBR
Any% CesarMartins12
Any% CesarMartins12
Devil Hunter NG+ No Items (Nero/Dante) GrandeBigdor MysticDraekyoon

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