Retransmissão AGDQ 2021

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Any% - Featherless PS5 AxelSanGo
All items Nintendo DS Mr_Shasta
Any% SNES SBDWolf, Eazinn, V0oid, Tonkotsu
Any% PC CreeperHntr
Any% Major Glitches PC SeraphinEveles
Any% (Difficult) NES coolkid
Tanker Blindfolded PC ApacheSmash
100% PS2 SuPeRbOoMfAn
Silver Lining Any% Ultimate PS5 Pessilist
All Essences Game Boy Color TGH
Monday, January 10, 2022
Any% PC sharkhat87
Any% NG+ PC A Flyin Coconut
Any% PC Lincher
Any% PC headstrong1290
100% PC Ozmourn
Any% SNES Traviktox
Puzzle - Arcade (Normal) PS1 poshi
Professional! Mode Race SNES Aquas, Teleo1
Any% PC Delekates
Any% Expert Genesis dagronSR
Surface Ending PC Vicas
Any% Game Gear Obiiwan
Any% Game Boy Advance Breadghost
Any% Nintendo Switch ykrin
Any% (No 2P) Nintendo Switch Darksol188
Toshi's Relics (Easy) PC InsertLogic
All Bosses And Trials PC Punchy
Any% (No Major Glitches) PS1 hypnoshark
Any% PC ShadowthePast
100% Zero vs X PS1 Luiz Miguel
Any% PC ItzBytez
Story Mode All Worlds Race PC Helix, PetresInc
All Cells (No OOB/TA) PC rinSR
Any% Luigi Race Wii U Mr. Cloud Kirby, ImJhay, HardcoreGaming, Tibs

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