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Story Mode (Hard) CountGooby
Any% Race CountGooby, LinkaMeister
Any% Warpless CountGooby
Target Test (All Characters Level 1) CountGooby
Any% The_Kov
Any% Mannix86
Custom Knight Any% Amps8695
Saturday, April 28, 2018
Specter Knight Any% Amps8695
16 Star ZeldaBlade
70 Star ZeldaBlade
Any% No IM/WW ZeldaBlade
9% Normal Destructor642
Sonic: Any% Veli0r
Boss Rush Ramen_Cat
100% BrassWolf
Any% No WW HandsomeJack_Ass
Any% + Wrong Warp Tutorial HandsomeJack_Ass
Any% Normal, Zipless Race Cosmic_Gamers, HandsomeJack_Ass
Any% Kuumba_
Any% ColonelFatso
Sunday, April 29, 2018
Any% strizer86
Any% Crazyapeboy
Any% Crazyapeboy
Any% Raptor, Hard MelloFlowz
Any% Soma Glitchless VaeVictusBR
100% VaeVictusBR
30 Token Peterafro (tpasalt)
Any% Easy, NG+ (PS4) Zgl_x
Any% Race DrunkenDraconian, dragonmaster0283, levelengine, dat1niceguy
Low% Hard Mode DrunkenDraconian
Any% DrunkenDraconian
Any% Skavenger216
Any% KLM1187
Any% Race KLM1187, StuffnThings
Monday, April 30, 2018
Any% Glitchless Race StuffnThings, Squidman, HARDselection, spawkling
Any% Race StuffnThings, Squidman, MegaKyle83, Kammesennin
Any% TheBitVault

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