Game Over, Cancer! Spring 2023

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Intro GOC Crew
Any% karterfreak
NG+ All Bosses Miinfin
Any% New Game+ CountGooby
Tuesday, April 11, 2023
Co-op Rising Mode ThePhantomire, SlurpeeNinja
Intro GOC Crew
97% Giocci
Any% MrCab55
Any% Jakobdoesathing
Any% tHiAgOcH
Tails Beat the Game Glitched MushyShushyPlushy
Any% VS True Ending Ryan Ford Category Bidwar
Legacy of Cyrus akuheish
Wednesday, April 12, 2023
Intro GOC Crew
Arcade, Okay, 2P strizer86, Malcreos
Easy dnk_cafe
Any% LordNuke
All Dungeons - No Logic squidman
Thursday, April 13, 2023
Intro GOC Crew
Beginner Mode Any% No OOB norimaki_sr
Any% (Megadrive) teleo1
Any% Co-op junkyard_dave, Kat_Kunoichi
Any% junkyard_dave Upgrade to HARD! Mode
Any% vertz505
Any% ironrusty
Friday, April 14, 2023
Intro GOC Crew
Any% StahlbolzenSC2
POW% siberianbull9
Any% Burst Bean LVCreed
Any% kenshintrek Upgrade to Whip Only
Dove Only% Dshana
Any% ProPiece
Any% KLM1187
Trevor VS Sypha VS Alucard Freeland Category Bidwar
Saturday, April 15, 2023
Hi-Score Demo ColonelFatso
Intro GOC Crew
160 Stars MarkAlarm, Ziolotman
Warpless Laxxus
100% Aptamerica1
Buster Only NooblarGaming
Any% MelloFlowz
Any% iraqvet0304, lookintoad, MelloFlowz
100% LinkaMeister
Vacation% highfivefromryan
Alpha (Any%) Dyanketo
Any% MixMastaPJ
Any% Asudo, ImDoinIt
Any% BugDoctor
Remastered 100% VS Classic 100% Heponwana Category Bidwar
Standard Race Settings RetrophileTV
Sunday, April 16, 2023
Intro GOC Crew
Any% Amad
Any% Burb
Any% Normal SeanCass
Any% Easy Padrone
Any% Retry Mode (US) Mannix86 Hero Name Bidwar (Max 5 characters)
Any% VS EX Character (Gunvolt Any%) TempestMask1000 Category Bidwar
Any% NG+ Console Xerobladedge
New Game+ DanTheVP
Xeno% GreenSpeed

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