GSA - Glitch: Infinite 2022

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Start TimeEstimateDescriptionRunner(s)Commentator(s)
120 Star Cheese Artemis64
GX Story Deck EZScape
106% Vysuals
Grounded Glitchless AnthonyCaliber
Saturday, February 19, 2022
True Pacifist MrLink2k BennyTheGreatYT & KingJO444
100% Riko_KSB
Any% Monado JCog
All Captains BennyTheGreatYT KingJO444 & LunaticJ
Any% Luigi HexSpeedruns KingJO444 & BennyTheGreatYT
100% Duck Trihex
Map Randomizer Triple Bingo Race 360Chrism vs Shenanagans_
100% Trihex
Expert Levels Race LilKirbs vs iPK ALTInsider, WarningTrack & Cheese
Reverse All Cards JCog Monado & Phantom5800
Sunday, February 20, 2022
All Scrolls KingJO444 Phantom5800 & YosherLM
Subspace Emissary Any% Techstrobe
Any% Phantom5800
Sonic's Story AFWagers Dawn
Master Zela Peanutphobia
Arcade Cheat-Less% DatVoiceGuy
Any% TheTantalus L4st & Ajax
96 Shines AverageTrey
Live-Time Attack Feinberg, Illumina, Couriway & Zylenox 360Chrism, ALTInsider, WarningTrack, Algorythm & Fruitberries

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