RTA 2020

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Phantasmagoria Ending PinkPajamas https://twitch.tv/pinkpajamas
New Game (CHARISMA) Angela https://twitch.tv/lilliedesu
Saturday, September 26, 2020
New Game Normal Ending (Normal Difficulty) Nazzy https://twitch.tv/nazzygames
Sleep% The Mods https://twitch.tv/rpglimitbreak
True Ending Schtolteheim https://twitch.tv/schtolteheim
Normal Ending AstroSlop https://twitch.tv/astroslop
Normal Ending PXMacaiah https://twitch.tv/pxmacaiah
A Rich Nation Ending PinkPajamas https://twitch.tv/pinkpajamas
Sunday, September 27, 2020
Sleep% II: Melody of ASMR Rain Sounds The Mods...Again https://twitch.tv/rpglimitbreak
New Game Any% (Easy) Damo578 https://twitch.tv/damo578
Any% Dowolf https://twitch.tv/dowolff
New Game (Legend) Angela https://twitch.tv/lilliedesu

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