Hekathon 2019

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All dates and times are given in Europe/Amsterdam timezone (UTC+02:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Cropax PC Any% ZooKetra
Jackintoshh PC NG+ All Levels ZooKetra
PolyTrick PC Vorador% ZooKetra
HotShotWire PC Any% ZooKetra
Team Juan vs Team Carlos PC Any% relay race Live bid war: commentary bias Hegemege
henyK PC Any% Hegemege
Saturday, April 27, 2019
o_circles PC All Secrets Hegemege
NoobSalmon PC No OoB Bid war: character name Hekigan
DrTChops PC Any% No Debug Room Incentives: run any% afterwards, sing the commander's incredible song Hekigan
Opixer PC Any% NG+ Incentive: alternate skin Hekigan
DaFatMan922 PC Any% Hekigan
Voetiem PC Any% NG+ Hekigan
Voetiem PC All Collectables Hekigan
Spyman68 PC Friend% Hekigan
SpringStingray PC Any% Easy Hekigan
Cropax PC New Game Standard Leon A SpringStingray
Pythonicus PSTV New Game SpringStingray
NoobSalmon PC 100% Bid war: good ending vs bad ending SpringStingray
NoobSalmon PC Beat The Game SpringStingray
ZooKetra DS All Beginner Contest Golds Bid war: dog name SpringStingray
NoobSalmon PC Any% SpringStingray
Phillotrax, ZooKetra PC All Easter Egg Hunt Maps SpringStingray
itsMishu and TheLightsider PC Any% Co-op No Extended Climb SpringStingray
Cropax and MrWalrus3451 PC Any% Co-op Hegemege
HOOD61 PC Beginner Any% Hegemege
Goodigo PC LSD% Inbounds Hegemege
Sajiki PC Any% Incentives: try to get a time of 4:20 Hegemege
Hekigan PC Any% Hegemege
Shafournee and Sajiki PC Any% NLS Co-op weapons normal Incentive: Super Hatty 64 Hegemege
havrd PC Scavanger Hunt Sajiki
ZooKetra PC 69 Stars Sajiki
LurkingAssassin vs Athos213 PC All Skill No OOB/TA race Incentive: wilhelm frog Sajiki
Sunday, April 28, 2019
pmcTRILOGY PC Any% Sajiki
DaFatMan922 PC No SLA Sajiki
praskOo_ PC 100% Hekigan
brainfluid PC Any% Hekigan
Spyman68 PC Any% Hekigan
Biglaw PC 100% Hekigan
Covert_Muffin PC Level 1-10 LG Restricted, No OH Hekigan
Shafournee and BossCoffeeCake PC Any% Co-op Hekigan
alexh0w PC Any% Incentive: run refunct Any% during the final cutscene Hekigan
SpringStingray Xbox 360 Any% SpringStingray
Mattmatt10111 PS4 Any% PS4 Bid war: skin choice SpringStingray
Hutchtee PS4 Any% SpringStingray
Goost PC Any% with dialogue SpringStingray
Phillotrax, ZooKetra PC 1000 Dirt (2 player) SpringStingray
Goodigo PC Any% SpringStingray
NoobSalmon PC Any% SpringStingray
ZooKetra and Goodigo PC Any% Incentive: music competition ZooKetra
ZooKetra PC 100% ZooKetra
ZooKetra IRL 10 Pencils Drilless ZooKetra
havrd and Janmumrik PC Any% ZooKetra
kungkobra PC Any% ZooKetra
kungkobra vs NoobSalmon PC Caravan Master World Tour ZooKetra
havrd PC Best ending ZooKetra
havrd PC yes Hegemege
henyK and Scopiiii PC Weapons Course Co-Op Hegemege
Jugachi PC 100% Hegemege
LifeL1ke PC All Bosses Hegemege
O_Circles PC Any% Hegemege
epicdudeguy PC Any% Zipless Hegemege
Sajiki PC Undead Campaign Shafournee
SeductiveSpatula PC Any% Shafournee
monojira PC Any% NCS Incentive: showcase any% run Shafournee
Team Juanita vs Team Carla PC Any% relay race Live bid war: commentary bias Hegemege
HotShotWire PC Any% Hekigan
Monday, April 29, 2019
Covert_Muffin PC All Skill Locations Hekigan
Jayden_Owem vs Your_Solution PC Any% Race Hekigan
Shaddex PC Any% Hekigan

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