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Any% No DLC (Normal Ending) Helix (they/them)
Sonic - Beat the Game Argick (he/him) Category Upgrade to All Emeralds
Single Life Score Attack Argick (he/him)
45 Star (Nonstop, 2P) limga (they/he) & conman (he/him) Category Upgrade to 60 Star
Klonoa 1 Any% Support Mode Mr_Shasta (he/him) Balue's Tower Bonus Level
Ultimate Brawlers Tournament limga (they/he)
5 Hot Dogs piner (they/them) More Hot Dogs (time permitting)
All Worlds No Bosses PeasSMB (he/him) Ball Variants Showcase
150 Stage Randomizer [Race] iswimfly556 (he/him) & SloshW (they/he/she) Character Bidwar, Negative Warp Goals
Door Lock Randomizer BashPrime (he/him) Helmet On/Off Bidwar
Saturday, March 25, 2023
Magolor Epilogue Any% Mr_Shasta (he/him)
All Minigames PetresInc (he/him) All Puzzles Bonus Run
Shaqfecta (SNES, Genesis, & Game Boy) Gooby (he/him)
Cannonball Maxed EyeOf_Newt (she/her) Car Color Bidwar
All Races junior (he/they) Character Bidwar, Bonus Tracks Showcase (Pipedream & Untracked)
Any% Shug_ssb (he/him) Save/Kill the MRVN
All Events [Race] Helix (they/them) & SSK (he/him)
DLC Waves 1-3 (200cc, No Items) amber_cxc (she/her) Yoshi Color Bidwar, Wave 4
Any% SableDragonRook (she/any) Pet Trico
Sunday, March 26, 2023

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