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Ape Out Warpless Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Antichamber 100% Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Ninja Gaiden Any Single run NES {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Kirby's Dream Land Normal Mode Single run GB {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Mega Man: The Power Battle Solo (All Courses) Single run Arcade {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Mega Man Xtreme 2 Any% (Xtreme) Single run GBC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Bleed 2 Endless Normal Seeded Single run Switch {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Super Metroid + A Link to the Past Combo Randomizer V11 Normal Logic Single run SNES {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Hotline Miami NG+ All Levels Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Super Meat Boy Dark Ending Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Carrion Any% Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Hades Any Heat Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Dead Space 3 Any% Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Dying Light Any% Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Saturday, February 26, 2022
Sleep Other {"setup":"0h00m00s"}
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Any% Single run WiiUVC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Control Any% Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Cuphead All Bosses 1.1+ Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Journey to the Savage Planet Any% Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Dark Souls 3 Glitchless any% Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Levelhead Any% Single run XboxSeriesX {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Metroid: Scrolls 6 100% Single run GBA {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Backyard Baseball TASBot Plays: 6 Inning Pick Up Game Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Backyard Baseball 6 Inning Pick Up Game Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Yakuza 6 Any% Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Octopath Traveler Single Story Ophilia (Lone Traveler Challenge) Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling All Bosses Glitchless Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Sunday, February 27, 2022
Sleep Other {"setup":"0h00m00s"}
Hello Kitty Kruisers All tours Items Single run Switch {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Cruis'n USA Any% Single run N64 {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Bioshock Infinite All Collectibles Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
MechCommander Gold Any% (OC) Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue Any% Single run GCN {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Wario's Woods Vs. Com (Expert) Single run SNES {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Dungeon Hearts Full Game - Hard Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge Challenge - Intense Single run GBC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Tetris Attack VS (Easy - Very Hard) Race SNES {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
Pokemon Puzzle League 1P Stadium - Super Hard Single run N64 {"setup":"0h10m00s"}
The Witness Randomizer Expert All Lasers Single run PC {"setup":"0h10m00s"}

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