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100% NSR Benjee
All Events (Modded) Jak8
100% PAL KinokoJules
Hero Story NG+ KinokoJules
All Levels (Main Ending) Emmoji
125% JimB
Maria Mode EZGames69
All Masks Jess57329
Any% Lug0
Saturday, August 03, 2019
Any% Glitchless Orucs-Oraihc
No TJ Orucs-Oraihc
Any% Marcherify
Any% Warpless EmeraldAly
Any% Glitchless SudoTrainer
Hero Mode Any% GhostSenpai
All Circuits (No Retire) JimB
Any% Araya
RBO MisterGiggles
Hard Razorflame
Challenge - Easy to Intense Razorflame
2.0 Light Party Dungeons - Solo Novaura
Beat the Game (Reverent) Kiwami
Any% Normal - Call Kiwami
Any% Soberlyte
15 Scrolls SoaringSloth
All Sports Cmdr
Any% PS1 WRP_Beater
Sunday, August 04, 2019
World Tour Any% Glitchless Jujstme
Any% Glitchless Kraechel
Any% Marcherify
100% WhipCPL
Any% MaxCash
Any% commangamer22
Any% Tasselfoot
Any% Headbob

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