Winter 2019

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Any% Marcherify
Any% Calmlamity
Glitchless Benjee
No Banlist MaxCash
Any% SoaringSloth
All Cups CountGooby
32 Tracks (Race) Cmdr , CountGooby
All Missions terass2
Dead on Arrival Agustin
All Bosses Zintai
Darker Side Kerbis54
Saturday, January 19, 2019
All Sports + GamingLand
Any% HorhaytheDragon
Any% LeftSideWorldwide
Sonic: Beat The Game JasperTheFish (No-Show)
All Chapters KingJ0444
All Yellow Credits FirestarYT
True Ending vysuals
Any% Emmoji
Epilogue Any% emeraldy
Glitchless Headbob
Any% Fire1520
Any% Mikeeffect422
All Gems minimini352
Glitchless (Race) Marcherify, Felmeme, ArayaLOL, MaxCash
Any% (Race) ArayaLOL, SLWeed, Gymfreak, Retrotato
Sunday, January 20, 2019
Glitchless Tedder
All Dungeons SloaTheDemon
100% MrGiggles
Master Sword deanx4200
Any% SudoTrainer

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