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TimeEstimateConsole (Year)CategoryRunnerDonation Incentive
GBC (1998) Any% Hitokage220, SNESChalmers_
Wii U (2013) All Castles MChan338 Luigi, Toad and Toadette Character Bidwar
PC (1996) Bad Ending, NMG, No Restriction sophLUL
PC (2019) Claire (Standard) Roofress Standard vs Hardcore Category Bidwar
SNES (1995) Any% - No Verminator Skip Colinbolts
PS1 (1998) Any% ColinBolts
PS1 (1997) Any% NSC (Alucard) Impasta
SNES (1996) Most of the Stuff Pidgezero_one 3D Maze in Sunken Ship, Blindfolded Yoshi Race, 2D Mario Cutscene in Tower, "Bad Ending" Marrymore Cutscene
GB (1992) Any% Glitchless dadinfinitum Any% Run Encore
SNES (1992) Any% Hard Just_Defend Reveal His NHL '94 Goal Scoring Tech :O
Saturday, May 18, 2019
Switch (2017) Any% (No Amiibo) Zelkyys
SNES (1993) Any% Kalarse, Tinnue Kalarse Sings "A Whole New World"
PS2 (2005) Ending C Spectraljoker
N64 (1999) No Levels Early Kiwikiller67 Glitch Exhibition
N64 (1999) Normal Mode Races Prakcity
SNES (1993) All 4 Warpless Aweglib
N64 (1996) All Cups (No Skips) Obiyo
N64 (1997) Rescue RebeccaRE
N64 (1996) 16 Star GreenMixTape 5 Minute GreenMixTape Freestyle
N64 (1998) Any% GreenMixTape Gauntlet: Dark Legacy - New Game+ Run (9min Estimate)
New Game + GreenMixTape
2019 GreenMixTape
SNES (1994) Any% (KPDR Route) Jack879 Save/Kill Animals
SNES (1994) New Game + Overfiend
NES (1988) Warpless Aweglib, Lawso42 Warpless vs 100% Category Bidwar
SNES (1995) Any% JermRo
SNES (1993) Any% JermRo
Sunday, May 19, 2019
GBC (1993) Any% No WW/OoB/S+Q vlackSR Save or Kill Marin
SNES (1991) Any% Jay_cee
SNES (1995) Bad Ending Lucha_Gym
NES (1990) Beginner Any% Lucha_Gym
PS3 (2007) New Game + PsiSquatch
PC (2006) Career Any% (New Game +) fGeorjje Glitch Exhibition
N64 (1997) 100%, ATR, Any% Relay Race JoeDamillio, MrsGizamaluke, Nordicboa, Obiyo, Prakcity, Tridenttail
SNES (1995) 102% V0oid
IRL (2019) Pizza% GreenMixTape, JoeDamillio, Serpico_HLPC
PC (1998) Leon A Viixie_ Voice Dub Every Ada Cutscene
NES (1991) Easy [Best of 3] BluntBunny, Viixie_
N64 (1998) All Main Levels BluntBunny, ColinBolts
TG-16 (1993) Maria Only vlackSR
PC (2018) Sonic Bad Ending MrPopo333 Good or Bad Ending
GEN (1989) Easy MrPopo333
SNES (2019) 100% Tridenttail
SNES (1990) Grand Prix (Master) Waffle42 Play through BS F-Zero 2, Ace League (Master)
NES (1988) Normal Mode (Zipless) MegaVyn
SNES (1994) Boogie% (with a Dancepad) Angie__
Monday, May 20, 2019
6th Century AD Double Round Robin GreenMixTape, JoeDamillio, Ms_Haunter, others

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