Kusofest 2016

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Any% No WW/OOB TGH_Plays
Any% TGH_Plays
Any% BlueInfinity22
BalueThump% Harutomo
Any% Harutomo
Any% (No Major Glitches, No S+Q) BluntBunny
Any% vb_srl
Any% NG+ Hard xTorcox
Spa Service Hikage17
Any% Yoshipro101
NG+ Yoshipro101
Itsuki's Story xDrHellx
Natsuki's Story xDrHellx
Story Mode WonderJ13 & Yoshipro101
All Tutorials Hikage17
All Levels Shentok
Easy Any% bxp_
NG Gwen VanishMantle
Saturday, October 22, 2016
Slow% KuFe
All Instanity Tracks BluntBunny
Any% flashyniqua
Any% TwoWorldsCoexisting
Any% pogyo
Low% pogyo & xpaco5
Any% TonyOgbot
100% vb_srl
Glitchless vb_srl
Any% No 0HP Glitch vb_srl
All Encounters Co-op Yoshipro101 & Damagak
Any% rabidduck22
Any% EngiBlack
100% Yoshipro101
Any% BluntBunny
Slow% KuFe
Donation War EngiBlack
200cc 48 Tracks MBisonFute
100% Glitchymon
Any%, NG+ xTorcox
100% (All Golds and Goals) TyPls
Any% WeForgot
Any% CupNoodle
Slow% KuFe
Any% CupNoodle
Any% CupNoodle
Sunday, October 23, 2016
Any% TakanashiRikka_
True Pacifist Ending TGH_Plays
Any% Beginner RebelWatt
Slow% KuFe
Any% Beginner Ninten866
Any% rheal_
Slow% KuFe
Any% Raikou99
Any% isBullets
Any% flashyniqua
Any% No Major Glitches Fimbz
Any% kingTaven
Any% (Normal) Volpey
Any% EngiBlack
Any% einbert
Any% Blkyoshi
100% UnderscoreTrix & drakotou
Any% GreenDeathFlavor
Monday, October 24, 2016
96 Exit GreenDeathFlavor

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