Kirby Twinkle SpeedStars 2023

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Normal Mode GB シカダ (cicada), りぷて (pletty)
Any% GBC とまる (tomaru)
Any% GBA みりい (miririi6), りんご (ringo_rta), ざっぺー (zappay)
All Abilities (ふつう) 3DS Clomy17 (clomy17)
Any% GB ProHybrid (prohybrid), rioynerr (rioynerr), probablygeo (probablygeo)
Any% Main Mode (1P) Wii shiro (shiro), Hachidori_kirby (hachidori)
Sunday, October 29, 2023
All Treasures WiiU やむきゅ〜 (yamukyu)
No Copy Abilities GBA musiquil (musiquil), Darksol188 (darksol188)
story mode Switch ykrin (ykrin)
Normal Courses - Blindfolded SNES 貯蓄 (chochiku)
Any% SNES わみ (wamimidx), Yotta (yotta)
ALL Waddle Dees Switch ポカ (poka)

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