Raid Train Itenerary

Lady Arcaders is celebrating its' TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY (February 14th!) with a Twitch community raid train from Tuesday, February 13th to Thursday the 15th! The train's final stop is Thursday's Attract Mode! showcase on Lady Arcaders Twitch channel!

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ScheduledLengthDescriptionTwitch Link
Luigi's Mansion Speedruns! More specifically, the PAL version of LM, which is extra difficult and mirrored for some reason. Fingers crossed for a personal best! (and maybe some blindfolded gameplay if I have the time?) Twitch
Wednesday, February 14, 2024
Ori 1 Randomizer content! Starting off with a normal seed, then getting as close to blacking out a bingo board as time allows. Twitch
Crime will be speedrunning Rez, a musical rail shooter from 2001! Chill or dance along to the beats as we talk about all things Lady Arcaders! Twitch
Thinking to do a couple runs of Kirby Squeak Squad! It's also Valentine's Day, so maybe some Cupid shenanigans will be involved too? Twitch
Some Dragon Warrior Chaos randomizer, and a short presentation section on games and randomizers as competition. Twitch
Join me to speed up with some Sonic action! Join me (and potentially some other runners) for some PB attempts, routing and maybe even races of Sonic CD Restored! I’ll also be giving an exclusive sneak peak for the Knuckles route that has yet to be seen live! Twitch
We'll be taking a detour from our original route to the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Twitch
Rock Band 4 expert guitar quickplay, and maybe some brutal mode. Twitch
I'd been collecting demos I had missed here and there to make a day out of. Little did I know there'd be a bunch more of them dropping this month, so I should have plenty to go through! Twitch
Sticky Business - A Quick Speedrun, followed by the quest for Casual 100%, now with Twitch Integration Twitch
In the spirit of Valentine's Day I'm going to be in a Cupid cosplay, and playing Monster Prom with a few friends! Twitch
Making a Latex Kim Possible cosplay outfit. Twitch
Silhouette Mirage and Chocobo Racing speedruns, D4DJ Groovy Mix and Bandori Girls Band Party free play. Twitch
Thursday, February 15, 2024
I'll be doing We Were Here series speedruns with Ozmourn. If we finish early, we'll move to a casual playthrough of Pizza Possum. Twitch
What better way to close out Valentine's day than with a Lovebug that takes over the world? <3 Join Char in a casual playthrough of Spore where we make the most loveable creature of all time and lead it to world domination - lovingly, of course <3 Twitch
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Randomizer Twitch
Pokémon HeartGold randomizer bingo - as many goals as possible within the time limit. How far can we go? Twitch
Making progress on my current playthrough - it's a modded file that makes the community center EXTRA challenging! Twitch
Doing some Grime PB attempts, having a wheel tell me what other games to speedrun if we get it. Twitch
I have yet to play Lethal Company so what better way to start than on stream with BigScared and AstridTheHorrorGirl, both of which have never played before either! Jaypeg has played, will be joining us, but will not be teaching us. We're on our own. I will scream and I will not apologize. Twitch
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete PS1 Twitch
Sonic Adventure DX: Speedrun Practice! Twitch
Stardew Valley Speedrun Twitch
Pr1nc3ssShortcake will be our final stop on the train, performing a Stardew Valley speedrun on Attract Mode! on the Lady Arcaders channel. Twitch Watch the Finale Here

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