Lime Aid 3.0 Schedule

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All dates and times are given in America/Detroit timezone (UTC-04:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

ScheduledEstimateRunnerCategoryPlatformCommentatorsHost/Donation Reader
JosephJoestar316 Any%, European Extreme PC Self-commentating ApacheSmash
HalfBakedSnake Any%, Heavy, REbirth PC ThePoPo_333 ApacheSmash
iLL_Pazzo Any%, NG+, Normal, With Reflex PC JosephJoestar316 ApacheSmash
Namesoom 100% No Major Glitches PC bluecandelxd & Ingramatt ApacheSmash
iLL_Pazzo vs. VolcanicAkuma55 All Bosses, Easy PC ApacheSmash & dlimes13 ApacheSmash
SolidStrife90 Any%, No Turbo, No SCM PC Self-commentating Will0h_
BlueMetal Any%, Emulator, Extreme EMU Self-commentating Will0h_
VolcanicAkuma55 Beat The Game EMU Self-commentating dlimes13
Carigss vs. VermillionNoel Any%, Easy PC dlimes13 dlimes13
Everyone IRL% IRL Everyone Everyone
Sunday, September 18, 2022
RaichuMGS HD Edition PS3, European Extreme PS3 ApacheSmash & young_sn0w SolidTony
sirShmuckle Liquid Easy (NG+) PS3 SRGTsilent SolidTony
SolidTony Time Attack EMU KingofTheBeez & RaichuMGS underwatersmoking
Carigss vs. dlimes13 LCC Server Tracks, Best of 9 PC SolidTony & WizardHwk & young_sn0w underwatersmoking
Mockingjayy09 Tanker Blindfolded, Very Easy PC ApacheSmash underwatersmoking
bastianfrusciante Glitchless, Extreme (Meryl Ending) EMU Carigss & young_sn0w underwatersmoking
ApacheSmash All Camos & Face Paints, European Extreme XSS VermillionNoel dlimes13
underwatersmoking Ending M EMU Self-commentating dlimes13
underwatersmoking Any%, Easy (Old School Edition) PC ApacheSmash & dlimes13 dlimes13

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