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Glitchless Stanis0
All Melons - 1 Lap Lovebot
Europe Championship. thebpg13
All Levels Paulister
True any% Paulister
Normal Ending - New Game Prinnyboyo
Major Skips Prinnyboyo
Novice Championship (race) thebpg13 + josef733
150cc No Skips Lovebot + thebpg13 + ShadowyMoonSR + Nekomews
Story% Easy Nekomews
any% crash6351
NG+ Any% Glitchless ShadowyMoonSR
any% No Telejumping crash6351
any% Echaen
Full Rest CDRomatron + Prinnyboyo
Sunday, October 07, 2018
any% Paulister
Novice Championship thebpg13
any% CaneOfPacci
any% CaneOfPacci
3 Worlds Paulister
any% - Plumaxia CDRomatron
any% (psx) UnFantasmaMas
Classic Mode - Very Easy, 5 Stocks ShadowyMoonSR
All Stages 1 Player UnFantasmaMas
any% PS1 Nekomews
any% crash6351
Monday, October 08, 2018
any% milk_

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