Lady Arcaders: Out of Bounds Toronto 2024

LAOoBT Banner Lady Arcaders: Out of Bounds Toronto is an in-person women & femme speedrunning event taking place on Tuesday, June 18th, 2024! Folks will play games as quickly as possible, showing off their talents and challenging themselves! The event will also be broadcast online to our Twitch channel.

This event is in participation with Toronto Games Week 2024. The event runs from June 13-19th. Toronto Games Week is a celebration of playable arts and culture! It is a collective coordination of events organized independently by dozens of organizations, creators, curators, and companies.

Out of Bounds will be held on the second floor of See-Scape, a sci-fi bar and gaming cafe, located at 347 Keele Street in Toronto, ON. Please note that this location is not accessible as it requires climbing a set of stairs to get to the event area. The venue will have seating space. There will be food, drinks, and alcoholic drinks available for purchase at the venue. Masks are strongly encouraged and will be provided at the door if you have forgotten to bring your own.

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Start TimeEstimateCategoryPerformerCommentatorHost
Welcome to Out of Bounds Toronto 2024! Metroid Crime ClockworkOphelia
NG+ IzzyHope58 ClockworkOphelia, t0zzle
Any% - Current Patch (No Turbo) Alara omgitsmonika, ClockworkOphelia
Any% Metroid Crime greatnewtons omgitsmonika
Leo - Easy LinearC Metroid Crime omgitsmonika
1-22 - Any% Walgrey Katzerdist, Alara
Catch Mew Corvimae etchy, Metroid Crime Katzerdist
Any% - Belle (No Spark Bangle) Metroid Crime Corvimae LinearC
100% OoB MadzBrutal LinearC, IzzyHope58
Low% Audraxys t0zzle, Xinedy
Randomizer nukkuler omgitsmonika, VidyaJames t0zzle
Wednesday, June 19, 2024
GGs The Team t0zzle
At the Venue See-Scape

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