Lady Arcaders Super Showcase 2022

The Lady Arcaders Super Showcase is an all-women's charity talent showcase event running from September 23rd-25th benefitting Rethink Breast Cancer. The Super Showcase will feature a bunch of talented women showing off games that they love!

Rethink Breast Cancer's mission is to empower young people worldwide who are concerned about and affected by breast cancer by taking a breakthrough approach to education, advocacy, support, community building, and fundraising initiatives.

Friday, September 23rd - 7:00pm - 2:20am EDT

Saturday, September 24th - 11:00am - 5:40am EDT

Sunday, September 25th - 11:00am - 10:00pm EDT

More information about the event: CLICK HERE

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All dates and times are given in America/Toronto timezone (UTC-04:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Start TimeEstimateCategoryPerformerPlatformCommentatorHost
Musical Performance ALEDreamgameon (she/her)
Beat the Game - Glitchless Metroid Crime (she/her) Genesis HunnyBunnyKagome (she/they) zokubun (any/all)
Story (Normal, Master) kariohki Switch Critique Quartz (she/her) zokubun (any/all)
All Tours - Items Firesplitter (she/her) Switch Happy Bear (she/her) zokubun (any/all)
Any% VGA SchalaKitty (she/ze) PC PippyInATopHat (she/her)
Any% RoadkillRevenge (she/her) PC Ozmourn (he/him) PippyInATopHat (she/her)
Saturday, September 24, 2022
Showcase mikaberry (she/they) PC Char_bunny (she/her)
Vs. V-Hard ilikebeingsmart (she/her) SNES Char_bunny (she/her)
100% Viewer Rating umbrellajill (she/her) Dreamcast FoxPlaysOfficial (he/him) Char_bunny (she/her)
Sleep% Everybody Bed
6 Guesses Alecat (she/her) PC Cori (she/her) Abbienies (she/her)
Learning Bone Dance RoadkillRevenge (she/her) PC PippyInATopHat (she/her) Abbienies (she/her)
40 Orb MadzBrutal (she/her) PC RoadkillRevenge (she/her) PippyInATopHat (she/her)
Chaos Chamber - All Curse Run HunnyBunnyKagome (she/they) Playstation veryberrykeri (she/her) PippyInATopHat (she/her)
All Levels NG+ Happy Bear (she/her) Switch Char_bunny (she/her) Metroid Crime (she/her)
Vs. Com Expert ilikebeingsmart (she/her) SNES Critique Quartz (she/her) Metroid Crime (she/her)
All Practice Areas Firesplitter (she/her) Switch Metroid Crime (she/her)
Soup% veryberrykeri (she/her) PC Metroid Crime (she/her) Lanaruse (she/her)
New Game No QS/QL Abbie (she/her) PC DeathTropes Lanaruse (she/her)
All Collectables Sapphire (she/her) PC Happy Bear (she/her), Ozmourn (he/him) Lanaruse (she/her)
3 Weapons Modded MadzBrutal (she/her) PC Arcalena (she/they), Trash_Lapras (she/they) Lanaruse (she/her)
Showcase, True Ending BunniestBunRena (she/her) PC Lyds (she/they) Char_bunny (she/her)
Sunday, September 25, 2022
Any% Happy Bear (she/her) Switch PippyInATopHat (she/her) Char_bunny (she/her)
Any% Normal DLC Pcol (she/they) Switch dragoR1n (they/them) Abbienies (she/her)
Sleep% Everybody Sofa
Showcase SchalaKitty (she/ze) PC leggystarscream (she/her) Happy Bear (she/her)
Rags to Riches TanaBonana (she/her) PC Abbienies (she/her) Happy Bear (she/her)
Trophy Hunting mortalparalight (she/they) Playstation zokubun (any/all) Cori (she/her)
Femme Fatality Wrestling PPV HunnyBunnyKagome (she/they) PC PippyInATopHat (she/her)
Closing Words & Credits Metroid Crime (she/her)

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