Lady Arcaders Super Showcase 2023

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Start TimeEstimateCategoryPerformerPlatformCommentatorHost
Critique Quartz
All Goals GarbiTheGlitcheress PlayStation 3 SchalaKitty Critique Quartz
Hand% Asuka424 Switch Jaypeg Critique Quartz
Super Mario Challenge Any% Char_bunny 3DS Lizzyberry RoadkillRevenge
Fresh File allison8bit PC Darksol188 RoadkillRevenge
Friday, July 07, 2023
All Bosses Obscure Information Quacksilver PC allison8bit Asuka424
Walk% Pcol Switch Asuka424
Superboss Sanjan PC Asuka424
Interview with CARE Christina (BewitchedRaven) Xbox zokubun zokubun
Reverse Badge Order dijonketchup GB Abbienies zokubun
Beat the Game - Normal Mode Darksol188 Switch Char_bunny Pcol
Hang Glider% - Amy Metroid Crime PC CodenameGamma Pcol
Any% Rexy N64 Happy Bear Pcol
Fists Path (Saveless) enbyzee PC ValeriaAsteria atwentysomethingloser
Any% Happy Bear PC pacific atwentysomethingloser
True Ending Quacksilver PC allison8bit BigScared
Any% Jaypeg PC BigScared
Dog Ending abbiescorner PC pacific BigScared
Any% BigScared PlayStation 5 Pipsprite Jaypeg
Saturday, July 08, 2023
Yang Phase Miss Scarlet Tanager PlayStation 3 Critique Quartz Jaypeg
Marriage% BZArcher PC bethanberryy dragoR1n
Any% Normal Galasrinie PlayStation 2 dragoR1n
Inkscape SchalaKitty PC leggystarscream TrainerAnade
(Sonic or Amy) Beat the Game ValeriaAsteria PC Rexy TrainerAnade
Blackout Bingo CFood, Rexy PC Metroid Crime brokenhyperlink
Small Stories K.A.G Risuruuu PC SilverSheep, Matoi brokenhyperlink
All Convictions RoadkillRevenge PC Pixelloren brokenhyperlink
Any% PippyInATopHat Wii gymnast86 pacific
Triforce Hunt % - Overworld Glitch Logic GrayGooGirl SNES euni pacific
SP Showcase Okapi PC Char_bunny SchalaKitty
Showcase Fina2112 PC BigScared SchalaKitty
Sunday, July 09, 2023
Showcase Bodaciously Kamek GBC bethanberryy, pacific selcouthmind
Normal Mode Hyper Greatthing% umbrellajill SNES FoxPlaysOfficial selcouthmind
Design the Perfect Vacation Home! Critique Quartz Switch Metroid Crime, Ozmourn Jaypeg
(Abigail or Haley) Marriage% atwentysomethingloser PC okNia_, Terpretor Rexy
Any% kariohki PlayStation 2 Quacksilver Rexy
Any% okNia_ PC atwentysomethingloser Abbienies
Any% dijonketchup NES enbyzee Abbienies
Guest Star (The Three Mage-Sisters or Daroach) Darksol188 Switch Quacksilver PippyInATopHat
Any% Casual AlexisGoesMoo Switch BigScared PippyInATopHat
Any% Rosa, Infinite Climax a_variety_pack Switch Darksol188 PippyInATopHat
Best of 13 Set CFood, King_Kyouma Wii Nighlin Char_bunny
EX Story Mode (Very Hard Difficulty) Risuruuu GCN SilverSheep, Matoi Char_bunny

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