Lady Arcaders Super Showcase 2024

LASS 2024 Banner The Lady Arcaders Super Showcase is an all-women charity talent showcase event happening July 25-28th, 2024! The Super Showcase features a bunch of talented women & femmes showing off games that they love! This event will once again benefit CARE.

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All dates and times are given in America/Toronto timezone (UTC-04:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Rags to Riches TanaBonana chibicarrera ClockworkOphelia 2004 PC
Aspiration Grilled Cheese (With Expansion, Without Gallery) selcouthmind Doodleplex 2014 PC
Any% No Major Glitches ValeriaAsteria Doodleplex enbyzee 2019 PC
Any% allison8bit Doodleplex selcouthmind 2023 PC
New Game+ (Console), Claire, Assisted LinearC Quacksilver ClockworkOphelia 2019 PlayStation 5
Replay Mode, Any% Miss Scarlet Tanager Quacksilver Threach 1998 Playstation
NG+ No Tutorial AstridTheHorrorGirl Jaypeg BigScared 2017 PC
NMG - Emily (Grace) BigScared Jaypeg AstridTheHorrorGirl 2024 PlayStation 5
Any% Race Flags GrayGooGirl ValeriaAsteria MJPastellis 1994 SNES
Friday, July 26, 2024
PK Ω puts your entire party to sleep!
TBA TBA 2024
Any% Dani3883 Rexy dijonketchup 1987 PC
Any% BeamQueenSol Rexy Alara 2006 WiiU VC
Beat the Game brokenhyperlink ClockworkOphelia 1993 Arcade
Amy - New Game+ (No Major Glitches) SnowballSMB ClockworkOphelia Argick, huds601 2017 PC
Sonic - Beat the Game Melakira ClockworkOphelia Rexy 2021 PC
Hero Story Strawberry Jam SnowballSMB berri, Nyu 2001 PC
Tails Doll 100% (No OoB) Risuruuu SnowballSMB Glinta, Matoi 1997 GCN
Story Mode (Very Hard) Elite_Spud SnowballSMB ValeriaAsteria 2003 GCN
Dungeon Crawl - Difficulty 7, 2x Speed SatanHerself, selcouthmind Threach Jaypeg 2024 PC
Showcase Bodaciously Kamek Threach Mina, Quacksilver 2024 GB
Touhou Any% BigScared Threach Fina2112, soulmass218 2018 PC
Any% atwentysomethingloser ValeriaAsteria pr1nc3ssshortcake, sonsofmothers 2022 PC
Saturday, July 27, 2024
melatonin kicks in 💤
Any% w/ Cooking Minigame Bidwar ClockworkOphelia Lanaruse 2020 PC
Any% - Set Seed, Coffee, Solo okNia_ Lanaruse wonktootie 2022 PC
Inkscape SchalaKitty dijonketchup leggystarscream 2024 PC
Mines Level 120 - 8 Player, Glitchless atwentysomethingloser, Pr1nc3ssShortcake, blackheartwings, melmelmel1997, okNia_, selcouthmind, terpretor, theValiantSun dijonketchup 2016 PC
First Playthrough Race ClockworkOphelia, SchalaKitty Katzer enbyzee 2022 PC
Randomizer (Item + Enemies) marphoria Katzer KatLink 2015 PC
FEAST% Vynnada pacific MJPastellis 2020 PC
Any% IzzyHope58 pacific Elite_Spud 2000 PC
Any% - Small Maps, Nightmare Difficulty MelMelMel1997, Pr1nc3ssShortcake Mina toyahtoys 2020 PC
Any% Picture Show Jaypeg SatanHerself BigScared 2015 PC
Sunday, July 28, 2024
spot the pillow
Any% SatanHerself Alara Mindea, HeliosWx 2007 PC
Pinball Showcase FlannelKat Alara arborelia 2021 Arcade
Any% - Belle (No Spark Bangle) Metroid Crime Alara IndyVillain 2022 PC
Any% Easy dijonketchup selcouthmind Quacksilver 2013 XboxOne
Any% Easy Vynnada selcouthmind Heki 2002 PC
Spyro The Dragon - Any% NBS BeamQueenSol selcouthmind atwentysomethingloser 2018 PC
Talkatoo% CheeseJay SchalaKitty NurseAllisonRose 2017 Switch
Metroid Crime

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