2020 Schedule

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PC FreePlay ZirowoTheHirowo
Xbox One Any% dijonketchup (she/her)
Super Famicom Any% Streetwize (he/him)
PC Any% FullyAutomato
PC Any% NG+ Co-Op jai_heart (he/him), Tytygigas (they/them)
PC Any% Race chris_smm (he/him), Wohingenau (he/him)
PC Cutscene% Texan Red Wolf (he/him)
PC-Engine Any% GliitchWiitch (she/her)
PS1 Vs N64 Any% Race Stuser (she/her), Thermalsquare
Super Famicom Any% Glitchless Drumboardist
PC Any% pmcTRILOGY (he/him)
Game Boy Advance Any% thegoodjakeward (he/him)
PC Engine CD Any% GliitchWiitch (she/her)
Gamecube Reverse Boss Order Admiral
Bed% 100% Everyone
Saturday, July 25, 2020
PC 100% ThermalSquare, Shtrudel
TurboGrafx CD Any% GliitchWiitch (she/her)
Gamecube Any% Khloë (she/her)
Nintendo 64 1p Stadium (S-Hard) Race CardsOfTheHeart, Tayman (he/him)
Wii Challenge Mode All Levels JXjunk (he/him)
PC Any% Makkebakke (he/him)
Game Boy Advance Normal% Amy (she/her)
Sega Master System Any% KateLibC (she/her)
Game Boy Advance Any% Beat The Game TailsFiraga
PC Any% Glitchless Race Gibstack (he/him), Sid3300, Xlebomatb
Gamecube Any% earllgray (they/them)
PC Any% - PC Tadda (he/him)
Beds 100% Everyone
Sunday, July 26, 2020
Playstation 2 Any% CarterKirby (he/him)
PC All Story Missions Race AtomicCaleb (he/him), Sid3300
PC Any% rythin (she/her)
Xbox Any% (Xbox, Spiderman) Tegosamego2020 (he/him)
Xbox Any% Slyfincleton
PC Any% Shtrudel
PC Any% Wazzip (he/him)
PC Any % - No Taxi Glitch christhefast222 (he/him)

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