LEGOthon 2022

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Restricted Any% N0CUT5 [Race] Dahamster1, CaptainPaxo6746
All Bonus Levels New Game OriginOfChaos
All Bonus Levels MetalString1
Original Trilogy (Story Mode) losspeedrunning
Villain Free Play losspeedrunning Glitch Showcase - $50 / $50 (Met!)
Original% N0CUT5 gustative
Any% OndrikB
All Artifacts Chimkin
All Episodes JankPickle
Free Play nicefighter113
All Red Bricks NoteK0 All Episodes Hostage Rush - $75 / $75 (Met!)
Saturday, July 16, 2022
Low% Tech Crew
Restricted Any% Co-op N0CUT5 OriginOfChaos, CaptainPaxo6746
Fast Any% (Reductoless) Siedemnastek
Free Play Shemcat
Free Play eroadhouse Turn on All Extras (Silhouettes excluded) - $45 / $45 (Met!)
All Levels Flaming_Lazer
Fast Any% CaptainPaxo6746
Any% LaserTrap_ Inverted Ship Controls - $20 / $20 (Met!)
Undercover% DjOrtho
Any% N0CUT5 ChessWiz Buy Gonk at End of Run - $20 / $20 (Met!)
Any% CG_Footloose 20 Minute Glitch Showcase - $45 / $45 (Met!)
Sunday, July 17, 2022
100% Tech Crew
All Bottles N0CUT5 gustative The Ride Free Play - $25 / $25 (Met!)
Story Mode All Levels Shemcat
All Minikits Tfresh2000 10 Bounties Bonus Run - $50 / $50 (Met!)
Prequels (Story Mode) BrickoFett
Any% Co-op [Race] SLGBMusic, BrickoFett, WiiSuper, Scynor_ Runners Must Do Fast DV1 + DV2 Skip - $75 / $75 (Met!)
All Minikits N0CUT5 Dahamster1
Monday, July 18, 2022
Credits Warp LSR Mods

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