Magnum May 2024

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MUSICnGAMING Broadcast Welcome!! Night 1 Start
Mappyman Multi R-Type Compendium All things R-Type. Arcade, Console, bad ports.
Ceris_Galstan & KumaKhan22 Arcade Beat the Game 2P Co-op
KumaKhan22 NES Beat the Game Gold Dragon (Easy)
Gamethymepodcast vs. F0ngers_ NES Normal, Buster Only One & Done
ZeeGee_ NES Beat the Game What Can Blue Do For You?
NineteeN9D Switch Endless Mode Try to reach 100 Screens
NineteeN9D Switch Stage 90 Make score rollover
Jimjamboory vs OldschoolMcfly NES Beat the Game One & Done
OldschoolMcfly NES Showcase Homebrew Zapper game
Bedwablackburn vs. Carter44 vs. OldschoolMcfly vs. T1shero NES Duck Hunt: 1 loop, Barker Bills: Fun Follies 1 loop, Hogan's Alley: Game B beat R2, Gumshoe: Stage 1 30 second cart change in between each game
Saturday, May 25, 2024
MUSICnGAMING Broadcast 🔫🔫🔫🔫 Night 1 End.
Everyone Get Some Rest Body, Mind, & Soul Rest & Rise Refreshed Can't Sleep? Here's a playlist
MUSICnGAMING Broadcast Welcome Back!! Night 2 Start
MUSICnGAMING & TakenCreations Arcade Beat the Game 2P Co-op
MUSICnGAMING & TakenCreations Arcade Beat the Game 2P Co-op
OldschoolMcfly SNES Beat the Game Played w/ SNES Mouse
Bedwablackburn PC Casual Showcase Funny Banter + Alternate "Find the Kitty" level
ProfessorRetro Sega-CD Beat the Game Tasty FMV Goodness
ProfessorRetro Sega-CD Showcase Shoot the Tube, Dogmeat!
ZeeGee_ NES ANY% Beat the Game
SheWolfVal PC 1CC Normal w/ Perks!! Commentary: srgkonchu
Ceris_Galstan PC Showcase Beat some levels + Final Mission
SomeoneStoleMyb00t PS1 Showcase Light Gun JRPG
StargateSGDood Arcade Showcase Top Secret Episode
StargateSGDood PS1/Saturn Showcase Casual Playthrough
T1shero PC Showcase Chaos Mods.
T1shero Saturn Zombie Disposal Light Gun Activated!!
SalaryGuy_ SNES ANY% Beat the Game
NineteeN9D Switch Beat the Game, No Continues Rock It Lawnchair!!
Sunday, May 26, 2024
NineteeN9D vs. Jimjamboory PC/Switch Cuphead V. Mugman Inkwell Isle IV race
MUSICnGAMING Broadcast Until Next Time! Night 2 End. Event Over.

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