Maratón Mexicana de Speedruns @GDL20

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Durmiendo% NADIE
Any% (No Item Glitch) UnFantasmaMás
NG+ (UFO Ending) Elzer
Any % - Official Seed MrDino023
Any% Pedrogas
Genocide maraboto95
Super Nintendo delcaMX
New Game (PC) - Claire, Standard, 120 Spartanfinix117
All Stages El Sabroso
8-Bit - No OoB, New Game Yeriko
Any% Yeriko
Any% TypicalFantasyX
1 Loop thenesmaster
Any% thenesmaster
All Flags MrDino023
PolloPepe% TODOS
Sunday, April 12, 2020
Very Hard Rimex
Normal Clear Rimex
Any% - Normal, Veteran rey_link
Any% ElZer0_
Dick El Sabroso
Any% Warpless ibuba7
All Dungeons - Wii VC Avijo
Single Player - Cheats, Max Stats Any% (NG+) crisdoile2
Any% Spartanfinix117
Beat the game! - No Pride danrubi93
All Stages Andysmasher
Any% (Buster only) SoraTakarai
Any% Ova
Any% Ova
A dormir Ñ

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