Week 1 - Medge Tournament 2023

Welcome to Round 1!

Players will face off in a Best of 3 Time Trials shootout. Players will be able to ban three time trials each, and then pick one. The tiebreaker is chosen at random.

Players will have 7.5 minutes to simultaneously attempt their best run in the time trial. When the time ends, a player may finish their current run. The first to win two time trials wins the match.

Good luck, runners!

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Eris, Phoenix Eris
Eris, heki Eris
Eris, Phoenix Eris
Eris, Phoenix, EpilepticOctopus Eris
Eris, Phoenix, Wyvarie Eris
Saturday, September 09, 2023
Wyvarie, CookieBunny, Phoenix heki
Sasky, BBGN heki
EpilepticOctopus, BBGN heki
EpilepticOctopus, CookieBunny heki
Wyvarie, Phoenix, heki heki
Sunday, September 10, 2023
BBGN, westersburg, Shafournee Phoenix
BBGN, ToxicEgg, westersburg Phoenix
Meteos, EpilepticOctopus Phoenix
ToxicEgg, EpilepticOctopus Phoenix
heki, Meteos, ToxicEgg Phoenix

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