Memeathon 3 Schedule

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Any% Only Some Glitches MMGA AlbinoAlbatross
Any% No Thug Life Skip SeductiveSpatula
Any% Theguesst, Danray Tilt Controls VS DDR Controls Race
All Main Quests (1.0) Shaddex
1 IL Low% (No Music Over Gamesound) Arc
Ford All Rivers% unusualcook
All Characters% unusualcook
100GB No Moves Tiffanyfruit
Complete All 7 Meaningless Pyramids STDs_CatchEmAll
All Stages WanderingMind
Metrenome Only to Misty Shenanagans_, keizaron
Saturday, April 02, 2016
Any% Shenanagans_
Cutscene% theboyks
Any% CavemanDCJ
Any% PvtCb
Bad Ending% Glitchless No Passwords Keizaron
125% keizaron
All Hugs Enkaybee
101% K O N G warpless except MCC JoeTheRepper
All Medallions Tashman91
Fastest Crash Tomtron93
Second Fastest Crash Using the Snowman Jump Tomtron93
Low Doors% Zefie
Achieve Cutscene State PrinceRallis
Game Over% Danray
Any% Danray
Pepper% w/Cutscenes tininsteelian
Any% tininsteelian
Any% robthegamer115
All Heat Sources Yano_Karozuno
All Sign Posts kaptainkohl
10 Deaths RubberDuckyAssassin Start Cram Block
Any% (Deity) mamgar
Win a match against nobody ("Win after 1 Goal" mutator enabled) tininsteelian
Score A Goal PHatHome666 Mega Man Sub Block
Any% jimmypoopins
Beat Game 1 Pjoxt
TRUE Any% (No Space Holding) Goodigo
Any% 3p1kbm DrTChops, AlbinoAlbatross, altabiscuit End Cram Block
Skyrim DrTChops
Any% Third Person Shaddex
Marriage% Shaddex
Cannonball% PHatHome666
Portal Placement Never Fail Least-Buttons% SirStendec, Drast Co-op Run
All Minigames Mr_Shasta, altabiscuit Race
Tofu Boy Max% except for the bullshit levels altabiscuit
Bad Ending altabiscuit
All Burgers, also all other items as well if I can find them usedpizza
SUPREMEMAGIC All Levels BubblesDelFuego
Calculate A Vb_srl Start Children's Learning Block
Any% ZackSK, Shenanagans_ Race
Hard Mode kaptainkohl
All Games Once WR Attempts DarkTerrex End Children's Learning Block
Sunday, April 03, 2016
??? Seckswrecks Mystery Hour
Any% Co-op Studio
All Cutscenes and Never Check My Phone moofin
Level Editor Beta snowfats, moofin Race
All Cups snowfats
Any% Yoshipro
13 laps on CTT with Groovy Taxi at 69% Machine Settings Naegleria
Low% Naegleria
Any% (Level Select Allowed) Naegleria
Best ending Naegleria Start Naegleria Block
Best Ending Naegleria End Naegleria Block
31 Levels Choco
GBA All Tracks CosmykTheDolfyn DDR Pad
Any% CosmykTheDolfyn, MDMxBaDBulLZ Race
Any% Bbforky
JinglePiano% Totalled
Any% tininsteelian
Crowtel theboyks ingx24
100% PHatHome666 2nd Mega Man Block
Any% Co-op DrTChops, Moogle
Amy% Keverage, OrigiNES1 3-way Race
Any% Pok3monrocks
NG+ All Levels VS Any% Caveman, snowfats SPIDER VS SPIDER SHOWDOWN
Multicolor Warps Race GloriousLiar, Bismuth9, Connor75, EmoArbiter, hipstur420 5-way Race
Handicapless Story Mode Yarumasi
100% unusualcook
World Heavyweight Ring Outs M_tt
Any% ZackSK
Any% Easy Nosraef
All Main Campaigns (Cheats Enabled) Nosraef
Boss Rush Nosraef, Studio Race
Arena (No Surrenders) Studio
Plague God Mode Any% MunchaKoopas
Casual 1 Flagalstan
Bronze Any% Segment 10 Mr_Shasta
All Difficulties Except the BS Ones (Moonjump) OrigiNES1
14 Dragon Roost Cavern Keys TrogWW

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