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All Levels Wii BetoKos
Any% SNES LD_speedruns
Any% PS1 Beguifi
Easy Mega Drive Shime
Any% PC KiwamiZX
Any% Switch KiwamiZX
Tournament Reset-less GCN Cakinhu
Any% PS1 Lighty
Normal Mode PS1 Thaide
Any% SNES rokero171
Any% GCN CaueYamikaze
All Tasks The Airship PC Doumeis
Any% Easy SNES VaeVictusBR
Any% PS1 BlueImp
Any% PS1 BlueImp
Any% Advanced NES CucaSpeedrunner
Sunday, September 04, 2022
Any% SNES CucaSpeedrunner
- - -
Formula Express - 5 Laps PC DunkelGotik
Any% Glitchless PC Felipe Lobo
Any% Mega Drive Sanic
Any% Co-op (No Controller) Mega Drive Sanic & Atenah
Any% SNES LunaValkyr
Any% Race PS1 VFG vs Doumeis
Beat The Game PS1 Nayume
Any% Race PSP kasayev vs Meleka
All A's Mega Drive Jair40
Book% SMS SauloAndrade_
Any% Map Jumping GBA LinksJam
First District PS1 nebneb5000
Any% PS1 DeevilHunter
Any% (Max Stats) Race GCN VFG vs CaueYamikaze
1 Star Race N64 thugkjj vs CaueYamikaze
Any% PC thugkjj

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