Midfall Speedball 2020 Schedule


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100% (No Wrong Warp / OoB) Ryan_Ford522 Tunic Color Bidwar
Any% Mr_Shasta Filename (8 Characters)
All Worlds Peas Play a world using the cube variant, Monkey Bidwar, Do 10-5 with a minimum of 5 jumps
All Goals and Golds - All Tours PartyManX
Normal 999 FreyasSpirit
7/10 Seed Ravlinbay Starting Character, Character Name
PC Doumeis Finish Sephiroth with Braver
Saturday, November 21, 2020
Any% LaurieDBunnykins
Solo N++ E-row Emmoji
World War 1 EmeraldAly
All Championships (Easy) Ulvind
Any% Podz
Any% FocusSight Language Bidwar
??? Seckswrecks
Any% Orion_VTuber
Fark's Story ArcaniaCQ + Kiwami
Any% Disdonn Sing "You're the Best Around"
The Bright Lord TexasWarrior
Any% Talcerase Dillo Inferno Bonus Stage, Vibe with the Universe
Any% Local Co-op Highwayless Ms_Rey + ThisGuyAreSick
Any% No Major Glitches TheTerrificTracy
Classic Zelda Trilogy TGH
Grabless Any% Fell Badeline Skin Incentive Do Chapter 2 B side in the run (+2 minutes) Grabless 1C Showcase (+2 minutes)
All C-Sides with Dance Pad PeekingBoo Use Input Display
All Main Quests Chronos Glitch Exhibition
Any% Jaxler
Any% No Passwords RubberDuckyAssassin File Letter Bidwar
All Main Quests musical_daredevil Character Name Bidwar, Bonus Any% Run (5 Minutes)
Sunday, November 22, 2020
All Yoga Games Cmdr + CountGooby + Dragonz Trainer Bidwar
Character Bidwar Elite Gamer Watch the Credits
All Deaths SableDragonRook Finish the Game
Leon A Standard (PC 120) TheGamingSwampcat Skin Bidwar, Shotgunless vs. Shotgun Category Bidwar
Any% (VGA) LMMotoss Keep Citadel Death Cutscenes, Save or Not Save the Shepherds
Any% Gigyasblues
Any% AEtienne
Any% (No Item Glitch) GhostSenpai Play with SFX (+4 Minutes)
Any% ripWSB
Any% sye990 Change Category to All Bosses, Play Advanced "For Pete's Sake"
Tower of Two Fists KonceptioN2 Bulbasaur vs. Squirtle Bidwar
Any% BystanderTim Character Name Bidwar
100% Linkameister Save or Kill the Animals
Tails GarbiTheGlitcheress Music Bidwar, Play the NIGHTs Special Stage
Low% TastyMeowmix
100% Grample
Story Mode All Levels PetresInc Monkey Bidwar
All Missions Mr_Shasta Draw Custom Emblem
Any% Glitchless Moonblazewolf Filename Bidwar, Play a Game in Termite Arcade, Kill the Seedling King

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