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Jaguar_King NG The Boss Extreme PS3 2008 Runner ApacheSmash
Casinocoin NG Easy PS2 2004 OhMyQueen ApacheSmash
Makarov360 Any% PC 2004 Runner ApacheSmash
Tyler2022 Brand New Quest Hard PSTV 1998 Runner ApacheSmash
JosephJoestar316 NG+ Stealth No Kills PC 2014 MayuuChaan MayuuChaan
OneCoolMan Perfect Stealth No Kills PC 2015 JosephJoestar316, MetalGlennSolid MetalGlennSolid
MiniOmegaKing Any% Easy PAL PS2 2004 Runner MetalGlennSolid
dlimes13 Time Attack PC 1999 philo_ex, PlatonicGuy Spartyy
Plywood Time Attack GBC 2000 badhumans Spartyy
edboi007 All Sneaking Missions PC 2003 Makarov360, PlatonicGuy Spartyy
Saturday, December 05, 2020
BlueMetal Any% Normal PS1 1997 Plywood Plywood
Iceman Leon A PS1 1998 Runner Plywood
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Sunday, December 06, 2020
Tyler2022 European Extreme PS2 2002 dlimes13 Spartyy
ApacheSmash Exiles Reach PC 2004 TinyTim78 Spartyy
Casinocoin Any% Normal GBC 2000 badhumans Spartyy
Makarov360 VE Trainer PC 2003 PlatonicGuy MayuuChaan
ApacheSmash E.E. Tuxedo PS3 2011 Major_Zero, miniomegaking dlimes13
MiniOmegaKing Any% PS2 2003 Runner MayuuChaan
DSmon Big Boss Nokia 2008 MayuuChaan & Plywood MetalGlennSolid
deserteagle417 NG+ Ada Solo PC 2012 Runner MetalGlennSolid
ohmacs Any% PS2 2000 Runner Plywood
BlueMetal Any%/All Cutscenes PC 2019 Runner Plywood

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