MidFall SpeedBall 2017

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TimeEstimateCategoryRunnerDonation Incentive
Any% Prolix Five-Finger Fillet ($20)
Courtyard% Sleepwalker No Torches ($20)
Any% Jeb N/A
Best Ending Aquas N/A
Any% Aquas N/A
Any% Newtmanking N/A
NWNM NG+ imawakka N/A
Beginner Levels Newtmanking N/A
Expert Any% Helix Monkey Choice (Bid War; Aiai, Meemee, Baby, or Gongon)
Story Mode All Levels Helix File Name (Bid War; 6 character limit)
Target Smash Lv. 1 All Characters Count Gooby In-Game Tag (Bid War; 5 character limit)
Classic Mode (Easy) Helix In-Game Tag (Bid War; 5 character limit)
All-Star (Easy) Helix Shared with the preceding run
Unlock All Characters Failbot In-Game Tag (Bid War; 10 character limit)
Any% TheFlyingMarlin Cutscenes ($30)
Any% Hard st4rsurfer All Guns ($20)
100% Race st4rsurfer / TheDrifter18 N/A
Any% Aquas N/A
100% st4rsurfer TAS Route ($30)
Any% TheFlyingMarlin N/A
Sunday, November 05, 2017
Any% fezzyfezz N/A
306% und3n1able N/A
Any% Van Save/Kill the MRVN (Bid War)
Any% JustCallMeWade N/A
Any% (Single Player) theoblivinator Play Without Socks ($10)
Crash 1 Any% redwolfplayer N/A
16 Star Shaddi
Tutorial - Beginner Through Advanced Helix In-Game Tag (Bid War; 6 character limit)
Any% JustCallMeWade No Skips ($20)
Any% JustCallMeWade CAT4Sammich
Any% Good Ending JustCallMeWade
Any% JustCallMeWade N/A
Any% JustCallMeWade N/A
Any% Count Gooby Save/Kill the Animals (Bid War)

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