Midspring Speedfling 2020

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All dates and times are given in America/Chicago timezone (UTC-05:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Tasselfoot Reverse Area Order PC
Helix,TheLostLlama,PetresInc,Alist Story Mode File name bidwar (6 char) Wii Helix (They/Them) | PetresInc (He/Him) | Alist (He/Him)
Mr_Ike Story Mode File name bidwar (6 char) Wii
Gooby,Zojalyx Adventure Mode Player tag bidwar (4 char) GCN Gooby (He/Him) | Zojalyx (He/Him)
Amber_ Reverse Boss Order Prinny cap (+2), Any% Bonus Run "Classic" vs "story" visuals 3DS She/Her
FocusSight Any% Sonic/Silver's Story bidwar Xbox 360 He/Him
Nimputs Sonic's Story PC He/Him
Talcerase Any% You are Bonus run(+1), Visit all exhibits (+1), Ride Snail (+1). Human vs Banana bidwar PC He/Him
disdonn Nipple% Switch He/Him
DiamondCrafterA Randomizer Bidwar for 5-2/5-3 Wii He/Him
Sprasshu, TheeOnlyJuan, Toburr, GenoKirby 2v2 Lockout Bingo GCN
Derek_MK Any% GBA He/Him
LaurieDBunnykins Guest Star - Mage Sisters Switch She/Her
CaptainEzekiel Any% Save Zoe/Mia PC He/Him
Shmumbler Any% NG+ Costume choice: Ending Xbox 1 He/Him
ripWSB Any% PS4
Pappy Any% Soundtrack choice PC He/Him
SableDragonRook 80 Dragons Bonus any% run (+10 min) PS4Pro She/Her
Saturday, May 02, 2020
Asuka424 Acis-Mefitis (any%) Costume Choice PS4 She/Her
ExodusXanimate Any% PS3
Polecat True Ending PC
emeraldaly Epilogue Any% Costume choice PS3
TwoWorlds Any% Filename Xbox
SCXCR Any% - Ruby Diamonds PC
Boohead86 Komaru New Game Break/Dont break controller (+1), english/japanese language, cutscene (+3) PC
Treya Carol - Adventure(any%) Upgrade to classic (+9 min), FP2 demo run (+3) PC She/Her
Scarrien, monkeymandave Any% PC
TRSCrazyP Sacrifice Ending Character name bidwar (12 char), Seed name bidwar (12 char) PC He/Him
Kiwami Any% - Normal - Call Hard mode (+5) PC
Jaxler Beat the Game Costume Bidwar (classic/alternate) 3DS He/Him
marquisdan Any% Dad Jokes, French Lessons with Marqisdan NES He/Him
CHX42 All Bosses Double Mother Brain kill (+2) NES He/Him
LinkaMeister 100% WiiVC He/Him
FreyasSpirit Any% save/kill animals SNES They/Them (Plural)
Lavan 100% NMG Filename (4 letters) SNES He/Him
baileyp75 Any% Fight demise with title screen open (+unknown) Wii
nes All Worlds Monkey Choice Bidwar Wii He/Him
EyeOf_Newt, LukePlays, Rillabel Any% NG+ PC Newt - They/Them | LukePlays - He/Him | Rillabel - They/Them
EpicCrossover, cmdr Blackout Bingo(Race) Wii
alexh0we Scriptless PC She/He
RuSyxx Any% Kaiju Basketball PS2 He/Him
Sunday, May 03, 2020
Professor_Palmer Any% Which post-game boss do we fight? PC
Ventifer Beat World 1 Voiced Language, Name Character Switch He/His
mitjitsu Any% No Polizu Skip Hikaru, Umi, Fuu outtake s(+10), Fight Caldina (+5) Saturn
Seckswrecks Any% Meet the prince and Nobby Nobby Boy PC They/Them
Sadly All Story Missions PC He/Him
MiphaSR Any%(NG+) PC
Viper Complete Chicago PS2
zojalyx Any% Good/Bad ending XBox One He/Him
norimaki_sr Any% PC
Razorflamekun Full Game - Hard PC He/Him
KonceptioN2 Any% Harry Potter Cosplay GBC He/Him
MVParrot NG+ Xbox He/Him
nynahnina, rossu123 Any% Random Seed Glitchless Co-Op Who goes into the Nether bidwar PC Nynahnina - She/Her | Rossu123 - He/Him
Aquas Any% M.I.S.S. Saturn
PetresInc, Fell Any% Badeline skin, Fwahaha filename. PC PetresInc - He/Him
TaymanND 1P Stadium (Super Hard) Choose Pokemon (Bidwar) Swag chain showcase N64
Ætienne Red/Blue - Reverse Badge Acquisition Charizard's Name (10 characters): Glitch exhibition (+5/30 minutes) GBA

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