Metroid Marathon 2019

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100% No Skips John_Unfil
Any% Hard EagleFace
Tickle the Fish RTA ptoil
Any% Race monkeySMB vs. pollsmor vs. CScottyW
Challenge% Whalerynth
100% Race MonkeySMB vs. Pollsmor
Any% BashPrime
Randomizer BashPrime
Saturday, July 06, 2019
100% StuntCoyote
Low% Narudare Aran
RBO azder
True Alphabetical Boss Order BluePlasmaSpark
Any% LinkaMeister
RBO Race ponktus vs. sloaters27 vs. ShinyZeni
100% Blindfolded ponktus
1 Hour Delay 1Hour Delay
101% Race Sapphron vs. LinkaMeister
Any% DPRK toastymuffins5
100% TAS Dragonfangs
Any% CanadianOwl
100% No OOB KentaKazami
100% Map Completion FrenchLightningJohn
Item Randomizer Race sloaters27 vs. azder vs. toastymuffins5 vs. zoasty
Sunday, July 07, 2019
Any% Race lmyt vs. FreyasSpirit
100% Map Completion Race FreyasSpirit vs. CanadianOwl
Grabbed by All Yapping Maws% FreyasSpirit
Low% Normal CScottyW
100% Deathless CScottyW
All Items Dann
100% Hard John_Unfil
Glitchless Dragolina
Max% GT Code Race Hero_82 vs. MrGuyAverage vs. Susreime vs. BFRobber
100% Item Randomizer Race Whalerynth vs. Dragonfangs vs. pollsmor vs. Kirito
Any% Blindfolded Race (SM vs. ZM) ponktus vs. Bubzia

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