Mini Maraton Speedrunów 2021

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PC Any%
PC No Major Skips
PC Speedrun Mode >=16
PC Low% Simple 1.1+
heh No speedrun%
Tuesday, October 05, 2021
GEN Gun Only
PC Solo A-Row
PC 100%
PC All Levels (no Morelowa Kraina)
hue No speedrun%
Wednesday, October 06, 2021
PC Sword Only Easy
Arcade 1-Coin%
SMS Any%
GEN Randomizer Hard%
ha Speedrunless%
Thursday, October 07, 2021
PICO-8 100%
Switch Any% Easy
Arcade 1CC Bad Ending
Arcade Any%
MS-DOS Grand Prix Race 1
PC Outback Rally
nope Yougetthepoint%
Friday, October 08, 2021
PSP Any%
ehh... Weekend%
Saturday, October 09, 2021
PC Any% Warpless 1.8+
PC Golden Wagon
PC Rainbow Mode Boss Rush
PC Any%
PC Cadence Any%
lol ...%
Sunday, October 10, 2021
PC 7 Char Twitch Integration

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