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Mr_Shasta GBA Any% No Memory Corruption
Murcaz PC Crash 3 Any%
WhitePaaws PS1 100%
vb_speedruns DS No OOB
Hekigan PC Any%
Alexh0w PC Any%
Archariat PC Leon A NG Standard (120 FPS)
teapartycthulu PC Arcade Mode, Cutscene%
teddyras PC All Bosses
Saturday, June 15, 2019
Shape___ GCN Any% No OOB
DarkTerrex Wii Any%
monojira PC Any% NCS
SpringStingray Xbox 360 Any%
TheKotti PC Any%
Biglaw PC Any% Beginner
SpringStingray PC Any%
Gedrith Switch NG+ Any% Normal
FocusSight Xbox 360 Silver's Story No MSG%
Ouro Switch Any% Normal
YanoKarozuno PC Any%
icupspeedruns N64 Any%
TheWayfaringFox 3DS Glitchless
DrTChops PC Any% No Debug Skip
DrTChops PC Glitch Showcase
El_Nacho97 PC Carol Any%
El_Nacho97 PS1 Astronaut Bob. O.
Aleck47 PC Any% NG
Sunday, June 16, 2019
jellokniffee Switch Galdera
AeonFrodo Switch Octo Expansion Any%
PodzDragon Wii Any%
CavemanDCJ PS1 Any%
KrusKader PC Old Souls Any%
DarkTerrex NES Any%
teddyras PC 10 Pups
Lordmau5 PC Any%
2dos Dreamcast Crazy Box NG
2dos N64 Any%
TheBoyks PS1 Any%
TheBoyks PC Any%
Supreme SNES Any%
Archariat PC True Ending NMG

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