Midspring Speedfling 2019 Schedule

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All dates and times are given in America/Chicago timezone (UTC-05:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

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Any%+ ViolinGamer Mario Block
Any% SCXCR Category Change: Any% Hard Mode
Any% Silo_Simon
Special Agent Talcerase Bidwar: Save or Crocify the Director | Bidwar: Cart Color (Red, Blue, or Pink) | Bonus Run: Jazzpunk - Flavour Nexus
Flavour Nexus Talcerase Bonus run
Legendary Maxlew Goal: Upgrade to Legendary Difficulty Halo Block
Legendary NG+ Heroic_Robb Goal: Grunt Birthday Party Skull
Rookie Any% nakina Bidwar: Shoot or Bash Reed
[Bidwar] LozCardsfan23 Bidwar: Category (Any% or Whip Only)
All Unlockables (race) CountGooby & GamingLand Goal: Gooby Cooks & Eats the Recipies
All Solutions LeftSideWorldwide Goal: Lost Hobo King
100% Hod Movie Block
[Bidwar] Zojalyx Bidwar: Category (Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, or Isildur) | Bonus run: TLotR: The Two Towers - Tower of Orthanc
Tower of Orthanc Zojalyx Bonus run
Any% HotCoffee Bonus run: Night Trap - Any%
Saturday, May 18, 2019
Any% HotCoffee Bonus run
Any% SecksWrecks
Career Any% [NG+] fGeorjje Bidwar: Crew Name
Good Ending AmberCyprian
Any% Jabro
All Musical Stages HannahMim Bidwar: Character Selection (Rayman, Globox, Teensies, or Barbara) | Bidwar: Save or Kill the Teensies
Any% [A] DaleDukk
Any% No OOB Tasselfoot Category change: All Mementos
Any% PC (4-player co-op) Angelic Beast, DiamondCrafterA, Monkeymandave, & Scarrien
Any% ChairGTables
Good Ending (race) ChairGTables & IIvgmII Goal: Thug Wars
Any% Professional Difficulty SamIAm
Alucard% NES (race) disdonn & KutsuShita
Any% thebestaro
VS COM S-HARD Razorflame Bonus run: Tetris (NES) - 100 Lines, Level 0 Start
100 Lines, Level 0 Start Razorflame Bonus run
Any% (race) Jabro & TwoWorlds
Randomizer philosoraptor42 Bidwar: File Names (3) Zelda Block
4Bae RTA (race) Aenderan, bfrie, Condor, & kaylabee Bidwar: Best Bae (File Name: Zelda, Malon, Saria, or Ruto)
Any% Lenophis
Randomizer Any% Lenophis Bidwar: Save or Kill the Animals | Bidwar: Link to the Past Sprite (Magus, Sonic, or MMX)
Sunday, May 19, 2019
Any% SecksWrecks
Any% SloaTheDemon Goal: Crash the Game
Any% FingerQuick Bonus run
Any%, Hard Difficulty (New Game PC) GhostKumo Category change: Upgrade to Hard Difficulty - Met! RPG Block
Main Series Chronos
PC Any% TheGreatToddman Bidwar: Cloud Name | Bidwar: Barret Name | Bidwar: Tifa Name | Bidwar: Red XIII Name
Glitchless benedictatorr Bidwar: Rescue vs Harvest Little Sisters
Bonus run: Refunct - 100% (by GamingLand)
100% GamingLand
Golf: 18 Holes (race) Cmdr, GamingLand, & Sir_Tyler Goal: Special Holes
Oregon City Cmdr Bidwar: Party Member Names (6)
Randomizer deanx4200 Bidwar: File Select
Any% (race) AJ213, & snakeathon Goal: Seasonal Levels
Pick-Up Game (Six Innings) Meerkat & tikevin83
Any% Helix
Roger & James in: They Came From Below Any% Metro72
Randomizer JustCallMeWade Goal: Kill All Bosses
Nabbit All Castles disdonn
Any% SudoTrainer Bidwar: Trainer Name | Bidwar: Rival Name | Bidwar: Squirtle Name | Goal: Optain Lapras (turns into Lapras Name Bidwar once met) | Bonus run: Pokémon Blue - Softlock%
Softlock% SudoTrainer Bonus run
100% Sawneyrath11 Goal: Sleep Glitch Showcase Finale

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