Midspring Speedfling 2021 Schedule


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All dates and times are given in America/Chicago timezone (UTC-05:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Soma Any% BrookeSpeedruns GBI
Any% No Create Kiwami PS3
37% LinkaMeister SNES
Any% Niakky SwitchVC
New Game Easy any% bignono PC
Any% swc19 PC
C Ending Sniperwave DS
Any% mr_shasta GBA
Any% jammitch NES
Any% No LSG Jaxler X360
1000 Rank Points jammitch Arcade
Song Showcase k0ldx PC
Any% (Rockman) mrcab55 SNES
Story Mode 999 Bananas Pauseless namb0 GCN
Story Mode All Levels Helix GCN
Advanced Helix GCN
Any% NMG snowymoogle PC
Friday, April 23, 2021
Any% rjsmangit PC
Master Mode Any% heyitsperk Saturn
All Bosses sabledragonrook PS5
No Major Skips konception2 PS5
any% Emeraldaly PS5
any% kinkycadence PC
Any% DoubleDubbel Wii
Any% (Easy) oneeyeddeacon PC
Beat the game (Sonic/Tails Bidwar) ArcaniaCQ PC
Hero Story piner PC
100% (No OoB) Risuruuu GCN
Big's Story Risuruuu PC
Sonic & Tails Good Ending argick PC
Story Mode Any% (No Luigi Assist) Uncle_Slam Switch
Normal Any% Nivadra Switch
All Cups 150cc (Skips) SuperViperT302 N64
All Bosses NMG MetroidMst NES
2016 Release - Any% Konasumi PC
Any % sapphire_ in_ pink PC
Easy Scarrien, monkeymandave PC
Easy Any% IceColdKiller72 PC
Casual New Game captain_ezekiel PC
Any% Romaji SushiKishi PC
Saturday, April 24, 2021
Baton Pass jyash4 Switch
100% giygasblues PC
Any% Random Seed sandsh8rk PC
16 Star with Dance Pads peekingboo N64
Rookie Series thebpg13 PC
Any% (Random Seed, No Early Levels) Mipha PC
Any% Normal rubiehart PS2
Kindergarten% nikono SNES
All Base Scenarios ceaselessly PC
Any% Riekelt PSX
Any% TheFlyingMarlin PSX
Any% Hyper juh0rse PSX
Mama% asuka424 PS4
All Categories TradeMarked GBC
Easy airangel SNES
New Game+ Glitchless Soocy PC
Any% MooshPaw PC
100% (No Restrictions) tgh_sr GBC
Blindfolded All Sports dragonz4477 Wii
Chat plays randomizer freyasspirit SNES
All Red Berries Comet PC
All A-Sides frozenflygone PC
All Chapters fellthekerl PC
100% seckswrecks PC
100% LaurieDBunnykins WiiUVC
Co-op Any% NG Zojalyx, TexasWarrior, slade4252 PC
Sunday, April 25, 2021
Any% No-Overlord liam122221 PS3
Cocoa Any% RMG iivgmii PC
Any % pk4787 SNES
Any% Glitchless Sanjan PC
Sombrero% GhostSenpai NES
57 Gold Bars muttski PSX
Costumes Mode Any% norimaki_sr PC
Any% No OOB miinfin PC
Meta Knightmare Mr_Shasta GBA
Any% thisguyaresick PSP
Randomizer SeriouslySurly, sudotrainer PS2

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