Game On! 9 Schedule

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Start TimeBlock TimeCategoryEstimateRunner(s)Platform
Any% 1:40:00 Kort PC
Warpless 35:00 Segatendo1985 NES
Team Chaotix 1:00:00 Bear Gamecube
Big & Gamma Stories 25:00 Brandon PC
Sonic's Story 38:00 Kort PC
Normal Glitchless 52:00 SSJBobert NES
Any% Glitchless 16:00 Kort PC
NG+ Normal 40:00 Styx PC
Co-Op NG+ 1:55:00 Styx & CaptainRedSpade PC
Saturday, March 14, 2020
Any% 50:00 tscbadguy N64
Bloody Palace: Nero - No Super Costume 1:45:00 SoulLessPhoenix PS4
Critical NG+ EZ Code% 3:10:00 Kurrigohan PS4
Any% (Single Player) 6:00:00 DarkSaber PC
Any% 15:00 bre4d_ Sega Genesis
Amy Rose% 40:00 Renge Wii U VC
Race, 2 Laps 2:10:00 tscbadguy & James Carolan N64
100% 2:18:00 Youngster Joey N64
New Game: Black Eagles 1:35:00 John Lee Switch
Royal Edition Any% No Ring 4:40:00 TSC | Akio PS4
Sunday, March 15, 2020
Any% 4:00:00 Youngster Joey Gamecube
RAW Season (No LT) 1:08:00 Styx804 PS2
Any% 1:15:00 Renge Wii
Reverse/Rebirth Beginner Any% 1:55:00 Christian Tanion PS4
All Time Pieces (No DLC 1:50:00 PhreakTheMighty PC
Any% 1:48:00 Crimson Switch

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