Multithon 2024

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Scheduled TimeEstimateCategoryRunner(s)Host
All Lobbies Relay taliasr, Sevadra, Kokkoro, Jimmy Clyde, and Ebrechler
Slumber% Everyone
Thursday, March 14, 2024
Welcome% Multithon Team
2v2 Lockout Bingo (3 Rounds) shovelclaws and vaen vs. alrightness and ItzBytez
120 Star Co-op 3P RisingPhoenix64, yoshistar111, and LudwigVonKoopa
Crowd Control Cubsrule21
96 Tracks Relay YatogamiNL and shininglightvt
Any% NG+ BigScared
Any% Glitchless Ozmourn and selcouthmind
Any% NG+ Co-op YatogamiNL and markiobros
Friday, March 15, 2024
Sweet Dreams% Everyone
Co-op Randomizer TruantGamer and jessandy8
Co-op No Major Glitches PopsicleStyx and newlife88
Zelda 1, A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening DX, and Ocarina of Time palex00, Snolid_Ice, Phar, and RadzPrower
happybythree and BluePath
Limitless - All Pride Flags - Twitch Chat Integration SchalaKitty
Any% Race EldritchWolfie vs. happybythree
Wrong Hole Only Race Jaypeg_exe vs. blondkayvon vs. gondortowerguard
Any% NG+ (With Ads) Race that1cl0ud vs. OreoSR vs. Asuka424
Best of 3 Race selcouthmind vs. midnightcoffees
Gauntlet Mode (2P) limy and GlitchAston
Any% Jaxler
Any% Kuro*
No Pause Storage vs. 77 Spatulas Jaxler vs. IllegallySam
Chaotix% vs. Sonic% Bidwar CFood
Beat the Game (All Characters Relay) FawkesRocks, drYVinn, temporalmagician, and melakira
Saturday, March 16, 2024
Zzzzzz% Everyone
2v2 AP Race oneFreeFitz, jefe01, TheShwantz27, and kwehstopherwarken
Pokémon Red, Pokémon Emerald, Link's Awakening DX, A Link to the Past ProPokeNoob, DerrickGnC, broken_but_alive, and Aestolia
Day and Nights Master Lock SatanHerself and britsha
Secret Ending (Glitchless) gondortowerguard
Any Difficulty, Non-Seeded, Favorless, All Loot, Co-op 2P Metroid Crime and IndyVillain
Sayuri Rising Mode Co-op vs. Gun vs. Blade Rising Mode Race Bidwar Anti_Aaron and milo_del_mal
Jason Any% Co-op TempestMask1000 and davidtki
Any% lolFortify
Any% Race Zojalyx vs. DJ_Phatzo
Sunday, March 17, 2024
A Full 8 Hours of Sleep% Everyone
Timespinner, Risk of Rain 2, Kingdom Hearts II, Super Mario World Miro, dolce_und_banana, Hopop, and Chrono
Remix Showcase Genesis and MASH
Story Mode Co-op 2P PrinceDevitt and blueinfinity22
Any% (Normal, Originals Only) ateatree
Co-op Randomizer Zojalyx and Dr_Pi
100% NMG Race rootorigin vs. lolFortify
Any% All Maps 4-Player Jaypeg_exe, blondkayvon, gondortowerguard, and happybythree
4P "Galsmophobia" Showcase melmelmel1997, pr1nc3ssshortcake, tinyglowingstar, and paranormalpeachh
Tears% Multithon Team

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