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All Towers Otterstone + DiamondCrafterA Diamond Screams at Cheese 2 S-Video (Wii)
All Difficulties (All Levels) Helix + Esoterics Bonus Expert Any% Race, Monkey Bidwar 2 S-Video (Wii)
All Bonuses (Race) CountGooby + Dan_h 2 S-Video (N64)
All Guids (Glitchless) MarquisDan Fight the Bouncer, Collect All Wiseman Treasures Fight or Join Malkil Composite (NES)
Any% TheOblivinator Oblivinator His Shoes Off HDMI (Wii U)
NoFling Imawakka HDMI (PC)
Any% MyOhMyke HDMI (PC)
Bonuses: Icarus Achievement, Shoot the Sun, Wrong Hole Achievement MyOhMyke HDMI (PC)
Cannonball (Max Settings) NewtManKing Car Paint Job HDMI (PC)
Any% Timemuphin HDMI (PC)
Any% Jsand28 Save or Kill the Zombie Bots Shooters Block HDMI (Xbox 360)
NG+ Glitchless SAAM_MN HDMI (PC)
All Bosses NG+ FingerQuick HDMI (PC)
No OoB V Input Output Indie Block Part 1 HDMI (PC)
All Difficulties (Co-op) Scarrien + MonkeyManDave Character Bidwar HDMI (PC)
Any% Avin_Chaos Character Name Bidwars S-Video (NES)
Saturday, August 24, 2019
Flavor Nexus, Beat the Game Talcerase Silly Block HDMI (PS4)
Glitchless Talcerase HDMI (PC)
Any% TheFlyingMarlin Play A Concert HDMI (PC)
Easy Mode Phatzo S-Video (PSX)
All Training Plus Games (Intended, Race) Metro72 + CountGooby Mii Bidwar 2 S-Video (Wii)
Any% Sweenerdog S-Video (N64)
Any% Artemis Yoshi Color Bidwar S-Video (Wii VC)
Any% Polecat HDMI (Switch)
8-Bit (New Game, No OoB) Nornsy Filename Bidwar HDMI (PC)
Any% No Save Corruption Philosoraptor42 S-Video (GBI)
100% All Keys, 1CC Riiyak Zelda Block S-Video (NES)
NG+ Glitched Riiyak S-Video (SNES)
Randomizer DeanMachine Take a Selfie with Ganon, File Name Bidwar S-Video (Wii)
Morpha RTA (As Child) Condor File Name Bidwar S-Video (N64)
GSR Piti File Name Bidwar S-Video (GCN)
70 Star Simply S-Video (N64)
Free Enterprise Randomizer - League Flags Co-op MoonBlazeWolf + Simbu Character Name Bidwars, Name Bidwars, Zeromus Sprite Bidwar, Twinharp Song Bidwar S-Video (SNES)
40 Orb SuperDog Spyro Color Bidwar, Play Tunnel of Love S-Video (PS2)
New Game (PC) Shadowist_ Costume Bidwar, Forgotten Soldier DLC Bonus Run HDMI (PS4Pro)
Sunday, August 25, 2019
Any% CaptainEzekiel HDMI (PC)
Alpha Omega JustCallMeWade Character Bidwar 2 HDMI
??? SecksWrecks ???
100% Hod Untie tie and tie it around forehead HDMI (PC)
Any% Serenity HDMI (Wii U VC)
Hard Strouse12 Level 0 Showcase, North Pole Showcase (+10 Minutes) HDMI (PC)
No Major Skips Benedictatorr HDMI (PC)
Old School (Non-Fling) Strat Showcase Benedictatorr HDMI (PC)
Legendary BatChat Do Unconfirmed Warden Launch HDMI (Xbox One)
Any% MyOhMyke Soundtrack Bidwar HDMI (PC)
Any% Glitchless SudoTrainer Trainer Name, Rival Name, Mudkip Name, Rayquaza Name, Abra Name, Wingull Name, Castform Name S-Video (GBP)
Soft Game V Input Output Halloween Bonus Level Indie Block Part 2 HDMI (PC)
Challenge Mode - Intense Razorflamekun Pokemon Bidwar HDMI (Emulator)
Randomizer Multiworld Co-op Synack + LavanFirestorm Character Sprite Bidwar 1 S-video 1Hdmi (Emulator + Console)
100% Mickely Add True Ending, Disrespect Zote, Spare or Kill the Nailsmith HDMI (PC)
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