Midwest Speedfest 2020


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Sonic - Bad Ending Kiwami Switch She/Them
NG+ Judas Ending emeraldaly Narration Language(English, Chinese, Japanese). Upgrade to All Bosses PC
Any% Giygasblues SNES He/Him
Full Game Treya Rules of the Game Secret Level PC She/They
Ultimate Helix Monkey Bidwar, Input Display GCN They/Them
Story Mode 0 Bananas PetresInc Bonus Master 0 bananas run GCN He/Him
Inbounds No SLA Inflame PC
Single Player BSSDRVN Sing Credits Theme PC He/Him
New Engine Allieh0we PC He/She
Any% No Spin Buffet_Time PC
96 Exit Area51 Sandbar Attempt SNES
All Normal Levels NG+ Yoda_Cage Wii
Career Any% (NG+) fGeorjje Crew Name PC He/Him
PSX Disc Shug_ssb Squall Name, Griever Name, Save the Hotdogs, Sing "Eyes on Me" PSX He/Him
Friday, August 28, 2020
Any% NG+ Orion_VTuber PC
Any% (No Death Skips) moonblazewolf Change Category to All Gold Ranks (+5 Minutes) PC He/Him
Beat The Game Talcerase PC
Beginner Any% Biglaw Blimp Mission, Skater Name PC
Story - Easy Biglaw PC
Any% ViolinSR Cutscene Glitch Showcase PS4 He/Him
Initiation TRSCP PC
1P4C CHX42 SNES He/Him
Easy Any% Cajink87 Any% Difficult Mode (+2 Minutes) Genesis She/Her
Any% Veteran AShinyBlackPhoenix Master World 1 Showcase PC He/Him
Beat RotK Mr_Shasta New 3DS He/Him
Best Ending Glitchless Ryan_Ford522 NES
Any% nes_ Starter Bidwar, Player Name Bidwar, Rival Name Bidwar, HM Pokemon Name Bidwar, Starter Pokemon Name Bidwar DS He/Him
Sonic Joeybaby69 Genesis
Any% Jaxler PS2 He/Him
Any% Co-op NMS ThisGuyAreSick + Ms_Rey Yarn Color PC He/Him + She/Her
All Ponspectors ClassicRagu Fight the Dragon (10 Minutes) Switch He/Him
Any% SuperViperT302 Wii He/Him
Saturday, August 29, 2020
Dancepad 70 Star PeekingBoo Input Display N64 He/Him
Speedrun Mode (Furier) Ætienne Blindfolded Boss Fight PC
100% (Xtreme) FocusSight Revisited Story Bidwar GBC
Any% Psyrade PC He/Him
No Levels Early Silo_Simon GCN He/Him
5 Game Rush IsBullets Wear a Different Animal Hat Each Run PC
Alucard Any% Requiem/DXC Disdonn Trevor Belmont (Netflix) Costume PS4
100% BashPrime View the "Hear the words of O-Lir" cutscene GCN He/Him
Maria Only dat1niceguy TG-16 He/Him
Endless Mode Philosoraptor42 Character Bidwar Switch
Any% GanonSlayer Switch They/Them
Any% Ryan_Ford522 Filename Bidwar SNES
77 Spatulas Konasumi Audio Language Bidwar English French Italian German Spanish Polish Japanese PC
All Time Trials jammitch Game Skin Bidwar, Pacifice IL demo PC He/Him
Sonic's Story (No MSG) FlubSRC Glitch Exhibition X360 He/Him
Perfect Ending d2kemps + Wolfman2000 Save Lance, Save the Elder, Save Delvin, Save Gammon, Seed Name, Lenna Name PC d2kemps: He/Him Wolfman2000: He/Him
Any% 12Sided PC He/Him
GT Code FreyasSpirit Save or Kill the Animals SNES They/Them
Any% TheTattedNative Give Nemesis Stars PC He/Him
Sunday, August 30, 2020
Any% Knife Only DrMaxtermind PC
All Bosses v1.1 Fruity_Waffles PC He/Him
Arcade Zan (Easy) ThePoloKing Health Item Bidwar PC He/Him
Character Bidwar Elite Gamer Zojalyx GCN He/Him
Any% Horza_BG Hero Name, Pet Name PS1 He/Him
Hard emosewamc PS2 He/Him
Any% No FPS Abuse Twak Hug a Sprite PC He/Him
Beat World 1 Ventifer Blindfolded Run Switch
All Standard Levels Frozenflygone Bonus True Pure Any% Run (1:30min) PC She/Her
Genocide Randomizer WizardVapes Frisk Name, Pan or Gun, Drop the Stick PC
v4.1, Complete 3 of 4 Objectives Gambit + BahamutX_ Twinharp Song(Mario Bros vs Donkey King), Zeromus Sprite(Playstation 1 vs Nintendo 64), Character Names, Force one player to have to complete all 4 objectives (donation towards one runner or the other) SNES Gambit: He/Him Bahamut: He/Him
Challenge (Intense) CardsOfTheHeart + FFRPro Category Bidwar (Normal vs Scroll On), Pokemon Choice Bidwar(Cyndaquil, Pikachu, Bellossom, Chikorita, Sentret, Togepi, Marill, Totodile) GBC
100% Randomizer Tridenttail + SweenerDog Final Boss Race Bidwar N64 He/Him
Randomizer Crowd Control Synack SNES He/Him
Any% DeanMachine Use Iron Boots at End Game, Filename Bidwar, Epona Name Bidwar GCN He/Him
Any% TallestThomas Switch

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