Midwest Speedfest 2021 Schedule


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All dates and times are given in America/Chicago timezone (UTC-05:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Any% Race ForteSOS, shug_ssb PC
Rescue 5-10 jammitch N64
Any% DiamondCrafterA Wii
Prophecy Ending (any%) v_input_output PC
Majima Saga: Hard TwoWorlds PC
All Objectives SCXCR PC
Any% Chockrit PC
Any% KonceptionSR PS5
Any% NMG LavanFirestorm SNES
Any% Mr.Shasta GBA
Any% Race (O. R. vs A. S.) Corvimae, etchy 3DS
Any% Jaxler Wii
GOTY Any% heyitsperk PC
Beat the Game BahamutX PC
Saturday, August 28, 2021
NG+ Wedsr PS3
NG+ All Levels orion_vtuber PC
100% (Challenging) seckswrecks PC
100% seckswrecks PC
Any% KonceptionSR PC
Any% JP Sarththesnek Playstation
Any% Horza_bg GBP
JP Any% DNK_Lionais NES
Easy Strouse12 SNES
Co-op Any% No Controller swc19 Genesis
Any% MarquisDan NES
Kids Mode MarquisDan NES
100% Mr.Shasta GBA
All Tracks No Duplicate Rides 1davidj GCN
All Tracks Time Attack T-Drift Fighbat Wii
1P Stadium - Super Hard TaymanND N64
Any% Pokeguy GBI
All Courses (Warps) Helix PC
Small Stories (K.A.G) Risuruuu PC
80 Dragons SableDragonRook PS5
100% All Keys Riiyak NES
Co-op Any% wooferzfg, originalelijah Wii
Item Rain - Nitro Tracks Helix, seldomseenkid Wii
Sunday, August 29, 2021
Jets of Time Randomizer JanusZeal SNES
All Story Missions the4thgengamer PC
Any% Zojalyx PC
Any% FingerQuick PC
St. Paul to Minneapolis - Boeing 737 TheFlyingMarlin PC
Any% Patchless Talcerase PC
Any% Glitchless SeriouslySurly PC
World 1 (Level 30) Gooby, Moonblazewolf Switch
Any% - Accessible Polecat PC
3 Weapons - Modded MoonBlazeWolf PC
Darker Side Ganon Switch

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