Midwinter Speedsprinter 2019 Schedule

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ScheduledEstimateCategoryRunnerIncentivesBlockInput Type
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Warpless Any% Darindrise HDMI (PC)
100% Hod HDMI (PC)
New Game + (Race, 3rd Climax, Bayonetta) Fake Mang0 + Count Gooby Change Fake Mang0's Facecam to Bayonetta Plushie | Choose Gooby's Costume | Make Gooby Sing the Ending Credits 2 HDMI (Switch)
NWNM NG+ (Race) Imawakka + SAAM_MN Play Bonus Level Called Kappa 2 HDMI (PC)
Any% NG+ Newtmanking Hats + Pants Bidwar HDMI (PC)
All Achievements Talcerase Incentive for Flavour Nexus Run | Bid War between cart choices (Red, Blue, Pink) HDMI (PC)
Any% Jsand28 Save or Kill the Zombie Bots Shooters Block HDMI (Xbox 360)
Rookie Any% Nakina Shoot or Bash Reed HDMI (PC)
Any% Benadictator HDMI (PC)
Any% Philosoraptor42 S-Video (Modded NES)
Carrie Ty2358 S-Video (N64)
Ending 3 Kaneish Horror Game Block HDMI (PC)
Light Mode Phatzo Give Nemesis STARS in Final Encounter HDMI (PC)
Saturday, February 23, 2019
Necromancer% TimeMuphin Reynauld and Dismas Name Bidwars | Necromancer% v. Swine Prince% HDMI (PC)
Easy Any% Chronos_R Change Difficulty to Legendary 16:9
Any% KingJ0444 GBA
Any% NG+ TwoWorlds S-Video (Xbox)
Dodgeball All Cups Zojalyx + Killer K S-video (Wii)
Story Mode Newtmanking Strap Ping Pong Paddle to Controller S-video (Wii)
All Balance Games (Race) Metro72 + Count Gooby Mii Choice 2 S-video (Wii)
Any% Zojalyx Hide Bumblyburg Children S-video (PS2)
Any% (Race) DiamondCrafterA + Otterstone_Gamer S-Video (Wii)
All Trophy Races (Race) SweenerDog + Zojalyx 2 S-Video (N64)
100% SweenerDog S-Video (N64)
Short Bingo Condor Bonus Gooby% Run Zelda Block S-Video (N64)
Randomizer Any% Wooferzfg S-Video (GCN)
Any% Deanx4200 Do Fairy Hover HDMI (Wii U)
Spyro 3 Any% NanachiSR Spyro Color Bidwar HDMI (PS4)
All Parts TheOblivinator Take Off Socks During the Run S-Video(Wii)
Any% Helix Silly Stuff Showcase S-video (Wii)
Any% Cakebrickyard Gameboy Player Palette Bidwar | Gameboy Player Border Bidwar S-Video (SNES with Gameboy Player)
Sunday, February 24, 2019
Let's Learn 16 Star SecksWrecks + Audience Volunteer S-Video (N64)
Normal Frenchie09 HDMI (Xbox 360)
Co-op Auddy + Jud 16:9 (2 Person)
Warpless GTAce99 4:3
Any% Bvc666 Language Bidwar, No Encounter Skips (+5 Minutes) , Fight or Pacify Jevil (+5 Minutes) 16:9
Beat the Game TheGreatToddMan Fighter Bidwar 4:3
8 Bit No OOB New Game+ Entu Character Name | Linear Extension (+10 Minutes) 16:9
10 Missions Scarrien + MonkeyManDave + Count Gooby + IronMaidMaryan Fight Ridley (Mission 20) HDMI (Wii U)
Co-Op Scarrien + MonkeyManDave Watch Cutscenes (+12 Minutes) HDMI (PC)
Any% Captain Ezekiel HDMI (PC)
Any% Metro72 HDMI (PC)
NES Disdonn Second Quest Preview (+5 Minutes) , Do Clocktower Level (+15 Minutes) HDMI (NES Classic)
All Melons 1-Lap OfficialArtemis64 Yoshi Color Bidwar S-Video (Wii)
Reverse Badge Order SudoTrainer Charizard Name Choice Finale! S-Video (GameBoy Player)
Any% Gamingland 16:9
Golf vs Frisbee Golf Bidwar Cmdr Bonus Quack% Run | Bonus Wii Sports - All Sports Run 4:3
Any% Snakeathon 16:9
100% HotCoffee + Nixxoman 16:9 (2 Player Race)
Category Bidwar GreenMixTape 4:3
Plague of Shadows: Any% L&ERSS MooMooAkai Knight Bidwar , Increase Knight Size 4x 16:9
Any% Professor Palmer Olia, Ive, and Gnart Name Bidwars | Secret Mega Boss Fight 16:9
See you at Midwest Speedfest 2019!

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