Midwinter Speedsprinter 2020 Schedule


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Dash Makes a Choice Hod + esoterics Use James for Final Boss 2 HDMI (Wii U)
Any% No Stablaunch Zojalyx Save or Kill Rosh | Language Bidwar HDMI (PC)
Any% Talcerase Cart Choice | Save or Crocify the Director |Flavour Nexus Bonus Run HDMI (PC)
120 Signs Capitiano HDMI (PC)
Vs. CPU PartyManX Component (PS2)
Tap Runner Scarrien Do Run in First Person | Do Bonus Levels (+5 Minutes) HDMI (Wii U)
New Game BahamutX_ Change Category to All Bosses (+10 Minutes) HDMI (PC)
Any% Sickynar Debug Mode Exhibition | Use Big Head Mode Component (PS2)
House Bidwar moonblazewolf House Bidwar | Main Character Name | Character Outfit Bidwars HDMI (Switch) He/Him
Bonus Tracks Amber Tire Color | Glider Bidwar HDMI (Switch)
Any% SudoTrainer GBP (S--Video) He/Him
11 Exit ZanDamascus S-Video (SNES)
Debug% All Win Conditions Helix Monkey Bidwar Debug Showcase Wii (S-Video) He/They
Single Story - Cyrus Philosoraptor42 Language Bidwar HDMI (Switch) He/Him
Crowd Control Strouse12 HDMI (PC)
Any% (No Quitouts) YonduPoppinsYall HDMI (PC) He/They
100% - 2 Player Metro72 + AvgWhiteChick Secret Ending 2 HDMI (PC) Metro: He/Him AvgWhiteChick: She/Her
100% WedSR Component (PS2)
Saturday, March 07, 2020
Any% DirtyVagoo Play Rather Hard Mode HDMI (PC) He/Him
Any% FingerQuick HDMI (PC)
NG+ Any% CountGooby + TheFlyingMarlin Play the Duck Race Minigame | Show Jumping for Joy Glitch | Minigame Showcase 2 HDMI (PC) Gooby: (He/Him)
All Cups CountGooby + EyeOf_Newt Character Bidwar 2 HDMI (PC) Gooby: (He/Him) Newt: They/Them
Any% SudoTrainer HDMI (PS4) He/Him
Any% (Current Patch) SeriouslySurly Character Name Bidwar | Talk to Noober | Fight Drizzt HDMI (PC) He/Him
Teach Me Any% SecksWrecks + Volunteer S-Video (SNES) They/Them
Randomizer One-Mind LavanFirestorm + Synack Sprite Bidwar S-Video (SNES) He/Him
Any% Zeb316 Save or Kill the Animals S-Video (SNES) He/Him
Any% SweenerDog Glitch Exhibition S-Video (N64)
Any% EyeOf_Newt Pants Color HDMI (PC) They/Them
Any% Lmjacks2 File Name Bidwar | Play with Badeline Variant HDMI (PC) He/Him
100% Disdonn Save or Drown Timmy HONK (PC) He/Him
Any% Nakina Kill or Spare Reed HDMI (PC) He/Him
Any% NG+ TonyOgbot HDMI (PC) He/Him
Randomizer DeanMachine Filename Bidwar S-Video (Wii) He/Him
Any% wooferzfg HDMI (PC)
Sunday, March 08, 2020
All Pickups Benedictatorr Spitfire Minigame Attempt HDMI (PC) He/Him
Episode 1 Any% Benedictatorr HDMI (PC) He/Him
Western Title DJ Phatzo Perform Submission Video Song | Wrestler Name Bidwar Component (Xbox) He/Him
Any% Polecat English vs. Japanese Voice Acting HDMI (Switch)
Any% MarquisDan Play segment with a baby on my lap | Fight Malkil or Join Malkil | Get the Orb | Innkeeper throws turkey everywhere | Fall through floor on last W&W1 boss Composite (NES) He/Him
Any% Bungied2thetree Ninetales Name Bidwar | Whimsicott Name Bidwar | Scorbunny Name Bidwar | Filename Bidwar HDMI (Switch) He/Him
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