Myth March 2023

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GOTM Intro & Night 1 Schedule Overview Broadcast Night 1 Start
Fight of Gods Steam Full Playthrough
The Battle of Olympus NES ANY%
Legendary Wings NES ANY% 1 Player
The Magic of Scheherazade NES ANY%
Mystical Fighter Genesis Beat the Game - Normal? Difficulty
ActRaiser SNES God mode/World building demonstration
Day Dreamin' Davey NES ANY%
Kid Icarus NES ANY%
Closing Remarks, Night 2 Schedule Preview Broadcast Night 1 End
Saturday, April 01, 2023
Energy Recharge Life Eat, Drink, Sleep, & Be Merry!
GOTM Intro & Night 2 Schedule Overview Broadcast Night 2 Start
??? ??? ???
ActRaiser SNES Professional Mode
Pocahontas Genesis ANY%
Altered Beast Genesis Low% No Orbs
Hercules PS1 Beat the Game
Karnov Famicom Japanese Translation Story Cutscenes
Joshua & the Battle of Jericho NES Beat 10 Levels
Prince of Persia 2 Classic Mac OS Beat the Game
Valkyrie Profile PS/PSP Showcase
Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land NES Beat 10 Levels
Hades Steam Double race: one for elimination, one for podium positions
Closing Remarks, April GOTM Preview & May GOTM Reveal Broadcast Night 2 End, Event Over

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