NASA 2017 Schedule

North American Speedrunner Assembly

Starts on

All dates and times are given in America/Toronto timezone (UTC-04:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

pidgezero_one Any% SNES
cfb Any% SNES
TwoWorldsCoexisting & FingerQuick Any% Race Xbox
Mr.MKL Gunvolt Any% PC
Combo Sonic Any% Gameboy Player
Combo Sonic Any% Gameboy Player
FFRPro21 & Unusualcook Intense Race Gameboy Player
Dark-Aries & FFRPro21 Magical Tetris (Expert) Race N64
blinzer Marathon HARD 200,000 N64
jymotion Any% N64
cfb Any% SNES
RaikouRider 103% WiiVC
gamestabled Second Quest ACE WiiVC
gamestabled Any% Warpless 3DS
Tuesday, May 23, 2017
quo Any% 3DS
Trineas Any% NG PS4
TwoWorlds NG+ Xbox
Setup Block Setup Block Setup Block
colin8seven Any% PC
colin8seven Any% PC
ThoseCrazyGuys All Deliveries PC
MyOhMyke 100% Reverse Boss Order 3-Hearts Only Gameboy Player
Yvathacal Any% PC
Elminster Any% Glitchless Gameboy Player
Mechapope1 NG+ Any% PC
Mechapope1 Any% PC
tridenttail 100% Wii/Gamecube
JanusZeal & RaikouRider Maelstrom Flags Race NES
gamestabled Any% Warps NES
Therio Sonic's Story PC
Darkpr0 Hero Story PC
geurge Championship Wii/Gamecube
ThoseCrazyGuys Any% Classic Xbox One
Wednesday, May 24, 2017
emeraldaly Any% PC
quo Any% Gameboy Player
Bingchang Any% Gameboy Player
Setup Block Setup Block Setup Block
Therio Digest Genesis
PvtCb Any% Default Difficulty PC
Naegleria Any% Wii/Gamecube
AKC12 All Tracks Wii/Gamecube
glitchymon Any% Genesis
lurk Any% Nosferatu PC
Color_Thief & DeHackED Bunch% Arcade
Colour_Thief & DeHackED Tower of Babel Co-op X360-J
Bingchang & SluckySeven Any% Race N64
glitchymon Medallions, Stones, Trials N64
Prakcity Any% N64
quo 100% N64
DrTChops Any% PC
Thursday, May 25, 2017
MASH Story Mode Any% Casual PS4
SlayerOfBabies Any% PC
emeraldaly Any% PC
tridenttail Career PS3
peteyboo Any% WiiU
PvtCb Any% Wii
lurk Any% SNES
cyghfer & Peteyboo Expert Mode Hard Difficulty Vs. Com Race SNES
Mechapope1, NaxHPL, & Zazztrain All Bosses Race PC
Gandair Any% NG+ Wizard PC
Biglaw Any% PC
zazztrain Any% PS
Friday, May 26, 2017
DrTChops All Main Quests PC
DrTChops Any% PC
Tolarus Any% PC
Naegleria Any% Gameboy Player
FFRPro21 Story Mode (Singles) Gameboy Player
cyghfer & jymotion Any% Co-op SNES
jymotion Any% PC
Setup Block Setup Block Setup Block
SluckySeven 120 Cards N64
Lanayru & PossessedWarrior Any% Co-op PC
geurge All Bosses Genesis
BroBuzz & Unusualcook Any% Race Genesis
Shrimp Any% PC
Tolarus Any% PC
fog Any% PC
Jabro & Xano, Fingerquick &TwoWorldsCoexisting Any% Co-Op Race Xbox
fog All Secret Spots X360
FingerQuick All Races w/ DLC (Tempest) X360
MyOhMyke Arcade Mode PC
MyOhMyke Pajama% SNES
IceFlinger Any% No Telejump PC
Biglaw Any% Beginner PC
ryedawg Any% PC
lurk & SlayerofBabies Any% Race PC
Saturday, May 27, 2017
The Royal "We" Get Outta Dodge Reality
tech setup Reality
Quo Any% Normal/Classic 3DS
Quo Any% 3DS
MyOhMyke Any% Romaji Mode PC
MyOhMyke Any% GBC
PvtCb Any% GCN
Enasper Any% PC
Enasper Medium PC
MASH Raid Mode Medal% PS4
MASH Solo, Chapters 1-6, Hard, NG+ X360
MASH & Dark-Aries Beat the Game Co-op X360
Bingchang US ANy% N64
RaikouRider & JanusZeal Showcase Flags% NES & Wii
Lurk Any% SNES
Lurk Any% PC

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