NASA 2019

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Nitro Tracks Switch quo
OutRun Mode: OutRun2SP 15 Stage Continuous PC geurge
Any% PC Tempystral
Medium [Level-4] PC Enasper
One Player, F-Thief PC Enasper
Any% PS3 NaxHPL
Normal X360 MASH
Any% PC Lazerlong
100% PC HotCoffee
any% PC HotCoffee
Any% [A] PS3 DaleDukk
Tuesday, June 04, 2019
Any% X360 Dale Dukk
Story Mode NG+ WiiU Naegleria
50 Turn N64 Naegleria
JP Any% N64 PvtCb
100% N64 quo
No Levels Early N64 ciyon
Any% PS2 stump
Any% (No Game Over Abuse) PS2 stump
All Games PS2 Naegleria
VS SNES Dark-Aries
Triple Bingo Switch DaleDukk
Any% NG+ Xbox TwoWorlds
Wednesday, June 05, 2019
Any% Xbox Jabro
All Hidden Treasures PC Enasper
Easy PC Enasper
Setup% iQue Tech
Any% with Cutscenes PC HotCoffee
Dusty Greens: OpenRCT2% PC HotCoffee
Ancient Cave (No Skips) SNES RaikouRider
Any% GBA Stingrayy
Beat the Game iOS MrUppercaseT
PC PC Netara
2.0 Light Party Dungeons - Solo Red Mage PS4 Novaura
Any% 3DO Dark-Aries
Defeat Ganon & Mother Brain (co-op, hard logic) Co-op SNES RaikouRider & stump
Thursday, June 06, 2019
1 Mining Level % PC Pykn
Any% WiiUVC quo
Any% NG+ PC geurge
Any% PC ThoseCrazyGuys
Default Difficulty Source Port PC PvtCb
All Tracks Time Attack Mode Wii AKC12
[A] PS4 DaleDukk
Adventure (Any Patch) PC C7Meteors
Any% PC jymotion
100% SNES stump
Any% SNES lurk
Beat The Game PC Kitofox
10 Year Championship Dreamcast Naegleria
Any% Dreamcast Naegleria
Coop - hardest PC cestpatou & PlamZ
Easy Xbox Xano
2P1C Any% Xbox Jabro & Xano
Friday, June 07, 2019
Any% NG+ PC Gandair
A New Home PC Gandair
100% PC lurk
I-VII PC Lumophile
Any% PC TwoWorlds
Standard Race Xbox Jabro vs TwoWorlds
Any% Xbox TwoWorlds
Normal PC Razorflame
All Bosses GBA PvtCb
Classic 0-10 PC Razorflame
Any% SNES Clayton_
103% SNES RaikouRider
All Switches SNES RaikouRider
Challenge Mode - Intense PC Razorflame
any% w/ sound PC lurk
1P Stadium (Super Hard) N64 FFRPro21
1 Player SNES FFRPro21
All Cups (Skips) N64 shawney
Saturday, June 08, 2019
VS (Easy - Very Hard) SNES FFRPro21
New Journey GCN Stingrayy
Safe Logic, Glitchless + Spikebreaker PC MASH
Setup% iQue Tech
All Goals PC Biglaw
Glitchless PC Biglaw
100% All Heart Pieces SNES Glan
102% SNES V0oid
beat the story mode PC BroBuzz
100% PC Lazerlong

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